Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cinematic Comforts . 04/20/2010

Hello Everyone. 

It is a beautiful day outside today.  So let's celebrate this great day by staying indoors and watching some new movies that are being released  to DVD and BlueRay this week.


Yes, the most succsessful movie of this and any other year  is finally comming home to Blue Ray and DVD this week.  If you were one of the few who missed this in theaters.  I would strongly recomend renting this disc, but  hold off on purchasing it.  There is going to be a special edition with over forty extra minutes  added and it will have a version to go with the new 3D HDTV's as well.     However if you don't care about the special features and just want this visually amazing movie.   You can purchase the prisitne  Blue Ray, DVD Combo pack.

**Note**  "Avatar" is released on DVD and Blue Ray,Thursday April 22.


This is the movie that won Jeff Bridges the best actor oscar this year.  Even though I still think he got snubbed for not winning for his role in Starman.  It's good to see "The Dude" win an award that I'm sure he much abides.   I can't tell you more than that because I have still yet to see this.  It will be reviewed on a later date.


Peter Jackson's adaptation of  Alice Sebold's beloved novel was met with some backlash from critics and audiences when it was released.  Now it comes home for you to decide. This was not the great follow up to the classic Lord Of The Rings Trilogy like he thought.   It has a 32 percent rating on and only grossed about four million dollars at the box office.  It did generate an oscar nomination for Stanley Tucci's creepy perfomance as the young heronie's killer.

Also being released this week.  The Young Victoria, Summer Hours and 44 Inch Chest.

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