Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mama Mia!! Amanda Seyfried shows off her erotic side in "Chloe"


Cast: Amanda Seyfried, Julianne Moore.

Writer: Erin Crissida Wilson

Director: Atom Egoyan

**'s out of four

In one scene Chloe(Amanda Seyfried) is asked how can she have sex with a client who is unattractive. She responds by stating that she usually finds something lovely about an individual and focuses on that. Her newest client is Catherine Stewart(Julianne Moore). A successful gynecologist who suspects her husband David(Liam Neeson) of having an affair. Catherine hires the young escort to seduce her husband and report back. The stories that Chloe reveal to Catherine make her angry at first but then she asks her to continue to see what he will do next. Each story of Chloe's encounters with David makes Catherine less and less angry and more and more aroused. Why is she allowing this to continue? In one scene Catherine is shown masturbating thinking of Chloe with her husband. Is she trying to relive a time when her and her husband were young and in love or is she starting to gather feelings for the girl she hired?

Erin Crissida Wilson(Secretary) adapted this screenplay based on a French film made back in 2003 called Nathalie. I have not seen this version, but would very much like too. The actors all do a good job in their roles and I especially liked Amanda Seyfried's performance of a woman who appears to have a knowledge of what can arouse a certain individual, but not have any clue if anyone really truly loves her and she confuses certain things that are expressed to her.  The film turns sharply into a thriller in the third act so quickly that it almost felt like it came from another movie. Some of the characters' motives were so far removed from what they did earlier that it made it difficult to buy into it.

The performances are top notch and the pacing of the movie is so good in the first hour and twenty minutes I can forgive the last 30 minutes for appearing like something I would see on skinamax.


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