Monday, April 5, 2010

Get me out of this "Hot Tub Time Machine"

"Hot Tub Time Machine"
Cast: John Cusack,Craig Robinson

Writers. Josh Heald,Sean Anders,John Morris.

Director: Steve Pink

1/2* out of four

(PHOTO: Metro - Goldwyn - Mayer)

With a title like "Hot Tub Time Machine" I was expecting something that would be worth at least thirty minutes of laughs and I was right. The characters were sort of sad and pathetic at the start of the movie and they remained that way til the end.

John Cusack plays Adam a man whose girlfriend has moved all of her stuff and some of his out of his house. He decides to bring some of his old friends to an old ski resort to relive some past highlights. Than problems begin to happen when they discover a hot tub that sends the hapless bunch back in time. The friends in Adam's group are Lou(Rob Corddry) a suicidal headbanger,Nick Webber(Craig Robinson)a man who is afraid to confront his wife,and Jacob(Clark Duke). Adam's scared virgin nephew who is afraid that any meddling will result in him not being born. Since the other ones look like their younger selves to anyone else.
Since nothing can alter the time line each person has to make sure that everything they done in the past will stay the same no matter how some moments are embarrassing.

Now in a lot of these time travel movies the main character gets a chance to redo mistakes he did and make things better. The problem in this story is that none of the characters change anything about themselves. Things just happen to them without even trying. Adam makes a mistake when trying to dump his girlfriend again and another girl just appears and she makes the first move. Lou's depressed, and angry insults at people were enough to seduce Adam's sister Kelly(Collette Wolf) into having sex with him. The only character's story I enjoyed was Phil the bell boy(Crispin Glover) In 2010 he is shown with an arm missing and back in 86 he hasn't lost it yet Each time you see him he gets into a different arrangement that is suppose to cut it off but he manages to escape each one unharmed.

Since most of this movie is suppose to be set in the late 80's couldn't the plot make good use of it. The whole quest for the red bull idea was not really that inventive and the inclusion of a recent song was just sad. "South Park" had an episode where the boys go to a ski resort and that 30 minutes felt more like an 80's movie than this one


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