Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cinematic Comforts 04/27/2011

Hello there, you lusty, sexxy people out in the world today.

It is Tuesday 4/27/10 and there are a few movies that are coming out for your enjoyment.  If you missed these in theaters but you have a good television.  You can check out some of these titles that are being released today.

It's Complicated.

Nancy Myers' comedy about a divorced woman(Meryl Streep) and her love triangle between her ex husband(Alec Baldwin) and her good friend(Steve Martin).     Great cast alone makes this worth seeing, but the story itself is not that complicated.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

Terry Gilliam's latest  surreal fantasy stars Heath Ledger in his last performance before his death.  The story follows Doctor Parnassus(Christopher Plummer,)  who makes a bet with the devil(Tom Waits) for the possession of his only daughter Valentina (Lily Cole)  This is one of the most creative and inventive titles out this week and I wish it was available in more theaters when it premiered.

District 13: Ultimatum.

Luc Besson(La femme Nikta) wrote this movie about two cops who must get the crime level down in their city beforer the government destroys it  .  Great action, and good fight moments, but not as awe aspiring as the first one.


Also being released this week.   Ang Lee's"Ride The Devil" Starring Toby Maguire and Jewel gets the prestigious Criterion treatment .     Liam Neeson stars in yet  another movie being released this year "Five Minutes of Heaven".   If  he starts doing  commercials he will be the hardest working actor this year. 

Til next week.  Keep rocking the kasbah.


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