Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cinematic Comforts 05/04/2010

It’s a new week and that means we have some new titles for you to either buy or add to your Netflix account. If you don’t have one click on the Netflix ad located on this site and sign up for your free trial.  Remember each title is available for purchase too and you can check out each movie's website by clicking the title.


Tooth Fairy.

Sorry Dwayne Johnson, but after you made this flick, your back to being  just The Rock. I can’t take you as a serious actor when you accept scripts like this. I’m going to save you, my dear readers some money and tell you the whole movie in one short paragraph. I have not seen this movie but I am pretty damn positive it would look like this.

The Rock is a professional Hockey player who doesn’t believe in dreams . He is than forced to have to become a tooth fairy to teach him some sort of moral lesson. There is a bunch of funny fish out of water moments while he trains. There is a heartwarming moment that connects him with either his kids or with the kid inside him. There is a cool end chase sequence or a battle that is done to the music of a rock song from the 80’s or a cool score. At the end he either decides to stay as a fairy or not but he is much more happy.  His kids like him, his girl now loves him and the end credits will probably have a  blooper reel.


The musical remake of 8 and ½ stars Daniel Day Lewis as a famous director who is having what else but a midlife crisis. This one received some Oscar nominations for Best song and Best Actress Penelope Cruz. I know a lot of film critics put Fellini’s original on a high pedestal, but I thought it was very boring, and I always praise the original before the remake.  Just think at how cool a musical version of “Chopping Mall” would be.

Art and Copy.

Doug Pray’s(“Hype”,)informative documentary about the advertisement world looks to be a fascinating account into how ads are created and how we are influenced into buying things.

Also being released this week. The Anniversary edition of David Lean’s “Doctor Zhivago” is finally out on Blue Ray. Amy Adams has complications trying to propose to her boyfriend in the rom com “Leap Year”

Have a good week everybody.

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