Friday, May 21, 2010

MacGruber: Movie Review


Cast: Wil Forte, Kristen Wiig

Writers: Wil Forte, John Solomon, Joma Taccone

Director: Joma Taccone

** and a ½*’s out of four

With the success of “Blues Brothers” and “Wayne’s World”, Saturday Night Live has decided to make other movies based on popular sketches and the result has been very dismal. “Night at the Roxbury”, and “It’s Pat: The Movie” have been met with low critical and audience support. It’s no wonder that when I read they were going to expand their “MacGyver” parody “MacGruber” into a feature length movie, I groaned. How in the world can you make a good movie on a skit that is only mildly amusing? I entered the theater with low expectations and ended up laughing more than I thought I would.

In this story Dieter Von Cunth (Val Kilmer) has a massive bomb that he is going to release on Washington D.C. Col James Faith (Powers Booth) has decided to find MacGruber who has been in hiding to help him get a team assembled to stop the mad man. The first team he assembles is made up of some the most popular guys in the world of professional wrestling and body building. With a misplaced bomb he ends up killing all of his first team in a scene that is very funny. He now has to list the help of his ex partner Vickie St Elmo(Kristen Wiig) and someone with actual training, Lt Dixon Piper(Ryan Phillippe) to stop Cunth(Yes there is a few jokes with this name, but it’s not overused) from releasing the bomb.

In the short snl sketch we are at the end part of the show where MacGruber has to disarm a bomb in only a few minutes with disastrous results because he is easily distracted with his own vanity and incompetence. The movie expands on this by showing us how he gets to that cliffhanger moment with the bomb. There are some very funny moments including a flashback that shows Cunth and MacGruber in college. Kilmer even sports the same hair style he had in the classic “Top Secret” There are also moments of bad sight gags with the placement of a certain vegetable in a certain orifices that made me groan more than laugh. The movie has some cool moments where it becomes a parody of an 80’s movie including the slow motion sex scene with extreme close ups and montages. This is the perfect movie to watch with friends at home and share a few beers. You could play a drinking game to this too, but it isn’t necessary to enjoy it.

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