Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cinematic Comforts 05/11/2010

Sorry about the late reply folks. I usually post the new releases for DVD and BlueRay on Tuesday. So here is a quick recap on some of the new picks for this week.

Edge of Darkness

Mad Max Mel Gibson is back in this tale of revenge saga.  I loved “Payback” and if this movie has even half of the intensity that was reflected in that story. I am going to love this.


In this movie, God is really pissed off at humans so he decideds to send a bunch of angels down to exterminate us. Now he could have saved some time and effort by just sending angels, but that would have been too easy. Instead the angels possess humans turning them into weird zombie like figures who then attack. To me the rabid, demonic, grandma in the diner looked like the best part of the movie. (I secretly wished that there would be a whole army of rabid grannies to attack the humans) I’ll have to wait and see on this one.


In this story vampires have become much of the population of earth. The remainder humans have been hunted and stored for food, but their population is dwindling. A researcher has found a way to both save vampires from extension while helping remaining humans to escape. I really like the premise of this story and apparently others were so impressed with this tale that they have hired the directors to help helm the new “Dark Crystal” Movie.

Also out this week. Fritz Lang’s classic “M” is released in a Criterion based edition and the first two “Karate Kid” movies are being put out to blue ray this week

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