Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Retro Review: Day Night Day Night (2007)

Day Night Day Night (2006)

Cast: Luisa Williams, Josh Phillip Weinstien

Writer and Director: Julia Loktev

*** out of four stars.

“Day Night Day Night” is one of those movies where a performance can add so much to the lack of story it inherits. Luisa Williams is so captivating and has some strong quiet emotions for a character who is essentially unsympathetic.

This controversial movie follows a young girl (Luisa Williams) as she prepares to be a suicide bomber in New York City. The motives of her actions are unclear, her ethnicity appears mixed and she speaks English very well with no hint of an accent. The whole movie slowly builds suspense as the day progresses from her arrival to the climax. There is an eerie sense of realism mixed in with the frustration of not being able to understand or have anything  done to stop this horrible ordeal.

                                                            (Theatrical Trailer)

This is Luisa Williams’s first movie, and she just shines. It’s hard to evoke any sort of sympathy for this kind of character, but it was very difficult to take my eyes off of her too. I am surprised that more directors are not using this bright and talented young actress in more movies. The lack of plot may turn a lot of you off from watching. This is more of a character study than one built on story. The conclusion will leave a lot of you confused and angry while others will find it a fascinating journey in to the mindset of a dangerously disturbed woman.

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