Monday, June 21, 2010

A review of "The Killer Inside Me".

The Killer Inside Me

Cast : Casey Affleck, Jessica Alba

Writer: John Curan.  Based on the novel by Jim Thompson

Director: Michael Winterbottom.

0 *’s out of four.

(Photo: IFC Films)

The first rule when making a movie that has your main character doing some very offensive and outrageous things is that you have to find something interesting about him. This will help keep people from walking out right away. Lou Ford(Casey Affleck) wants to join the ranks of other charismatic villains such as Alex De Large in “A Clockwork Orange” and Patrick Bateman in “American Psycho”, but unfortunately he is just a guy who enjoys beating women to near death and there is nothing of interest to say about him.

Lou is a cop who has been asked to remove Joyce Lakeland (Jessica Alba) from her home because of her work as a prostitute. When she becomes violent with him, Lou retaliates and begins violently whipping her ass with his belt. This excites her rather than scares her and the two begin a passionate love affair. It turns out that the guy Joyce is engaged to is also the son of one of the wealthiest land owners in town and the two are going to try and scam him out of some money. Lou on the other hand decides to keep the money for himself by making it look Joyce shot him. Than to keep her quiet he begins mercifully beating her to the point where she is put into a coma. When others begin to know the truth about Lou he begins to weave another brutal murder involving his fiance Amy Stanton (Kate Hudson).

(Photo: IFC Films)

Despite the film’s cast which also includes Bill Pullman, Simon Baker and Elias Kotaes all in good supporting roles. This movie was a complete mess and even after I found out what the cause was for Lou’s violent tendencies. I just lost complete and total interest at what this character does next. Not only that, but I found the character of Joyce completely unsympathetic as well. Even after the beaten she still loves him. Now I can accept a little S&M every once in a while and understand why certain people like it. But why in the world would you still love someone after they damaged your face and put you in to a coma. It would have been nice if they would have explained her view of this in a bit more detail, but that would have caused the movie to go on much longer than it should. In some movies you can root for either the victim or for the psychotic, but in “The Killer Inside Me”. I wanted them both to disappear. There are moments where the violence is so extreme that is takes you out of the story completely and its main focus is just a way to cash in on a quick gore fix. I for one do not shy away from movies with violence and I praise filmmakers like Martin Scorsese(GoodFellas),Gaspar Noe(Irreversible) and Quentin Tarantino(Inglorious Bastereds) for the way they balance the level of violence in their movies. The severe violence in this one holds a major problem because it does not match the tone of the rest of this picture. They just seem to come out of another movie altogether. .


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