Monday, November 29, 2010

Leslie Nielsen. Don't call him Shirley

On Sunday 11/28 Leslie Nielsen passed away.  I remember him fondly as many others my age as Lt. Frank Drebin in "The Naked Gun" as well as his funny moments in "Airplane".  Although he will be remembered fondly for his comedic roles, he was a versatile actor who appeared in all types of genres.  One movie that you may not suspect to see him in was the horror anthology movie "Creepshow" where he plays a nasty villain who buries his victims up to their neck  and let's the tide slowly kill them.  Another one worth mentioning is his role in "Forbidden Planet".  In that movie he plays a young space captain, and I do mean young, he is almost unrecognizable.  Indeed a great actor will be missed but I hope future generations will continue to see his work.

NOTE***    If you liked Leslie in the Naked Gun movies, I strongly suggest that you grab some copies of the show that started it all "Police Squad".  They are even better than the first movie.

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  1. well,leslie nielsen will allways be remembered with laughter and joy.~
    Naked Gun movies was his major hit here in portugal.
    Now probably his in heaven making the angels laugh