Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vern's top ten list of movies you may have missed

Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog entry. It’s been a while and to those of you who are still reading this. I greatly thank you.

I wanted to focus today on the movies a lot of you have probably missed hearing about or you did hear, but missed seeing. If you have seen all of the movies listed here. Please let me know.

Battle Royale

Director Kinji Fuksaku’s adaptation of the novel by Konshun Takami is the ultimate tale of survival. A group of 9th grade students are selected by the Government to kill each other on a deserted island because they fear the youth no longer respects the law. The movie has been met with some controversy because of the age group but this is no different than if a student is selected to go to war and everyone becomes the enemy. With its amazing young cast, classical score, and heart pounding action.   Battle Royale will remain a film classic.

Theatrical Trailer


A game designer(Jennifer Jason Leigh) has been targeted for assassination by a rival corporation and with the help of a young promoter(Jude Law) she must go in to the world of her own virtual reality game in order to help protect its secrets . Director David Cronenberg released this mind bending tale of reality and virtual reality at the same time as “The Matrix” and a lot of people dismissed it as a cheap knockoff. . As cool as that movie is, I have always found eXistenZ to be a more realistic version of that kind of world where you really have a hard time deciding if it is real or simulated.

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The Shape Of Things.

Before Neil Labute was directing remakes(“The Wicker Man”, and “Death At A Funeral”) he was writing and directing movies that evoked debate and discussion. “The Shape Of Things” is about a beautiful art student(Rachel Weiz) who falls in love with a nerdy security guard(Paul Rudd) and helps improve his image, but his friends don’t like what she has turned him into. I won’t say any more about the plot in this but I do recommend watching this with a group of men and women to get their reactions at the end.



This is the movie that helped inspire Christopher Nolan’s “Inception” that wowed audiences last summer. Satoshi Kon’s animated masterpiece tells the story of a scientist who can go into the dreams of an individual even while they are awake. When someone steals the technology and tries to bring dreams out into the real world. She must rely on the help of her dream persona to help hold the gap between both worlds . If you enjoy visual astounding movies that takes your brain for a wild house ride, I can’t recommend this movie enough. Satoshi Kon passed away earlier this year and It’s sad that we lost such a creative artist that most people have not heard about.

U.S. Theatrical Trailer

Enter The Void.

The ultimate story of death and rebirth is told in a visually stunning way from filmmaker Gaspar Noe. A young man who lives with his sister in Tokyo Japan is killed during a botched drug deal, but continues to remain as a spirit. He travels back to the past and even in to the hearts and minds of the people in his life. What sets this movie apart from the rest is that it is filmed entirely from the main character’s point of view. It‘s P.O.V. Style did make me a little queasy during some moments but there are shots in this that even outdoes the blockbuster “Avatar” If this movie doesn’t get an Oscar nomination for its effect work. I will lose a lot of respect for this industry. They are simply amazing.

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8 Women.

A great murder mystery turned into an entertaining musical or vice versa. Either way you describe it; this is a very fun movie with great performances from Catherine Denevue and Ludivine Sagnier. At a country estate during the holidays the owner is found murdered and the eight residents are all suspects. I don’t usually like musicals but some of  the songs in this are quite catchy.

U.S. Theatrical Trailer

Barry Lyndon

This is the only movie on my list that I hesitated putting on, mainly because I’m sure that a lot of you have seen this. Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon has never gotten the respect as his other movies even though it won Oscars for its cinematography and was nominated for best picture. This is the story of Redmond Barry who goes from being a farm boy to becoming noble royalty. It is a very slow movie clocking in at over three hours but it never feels slow. It has the right kind of pacing to all of Kubrick’s other movies and the images are simply stunning. It looks like they were able to put a camera back in time and film what goes on

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I’m a Cyborg but that’s OK.

Chan Wook Park. The creator of the classic revenge flick “OldBoy” created this heartwarming comedy about a girl who may or may not be a robot. Costarring Rainn from “Ninja Assassin” this is a very odd yet very entertaining love story about how there is someone for everyone despite how different someone may appear to others. If you liked “Scott Pilgrim Vs the World” you will enjoy this. It has the same constant tone of energy.  This one is going to be tough to find at a video store so if you have Netflix I Suggest Giving this one a shot

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One of the most controversial movies at Cannes this pat year, because of the graphic violence and sex.  This new tale from director Lars Von Trier is not one I would say I enjoyed, but I liked it enough to recommend seeing it once.  This is an art house movie and like all works of art it's best left to your own interpretation. This is more of a character study than a movie with a plot.  Charlotte Gainsbourg won the best actress award at Cannes, and I'll admit that what she does is very brave for an actress but I'm not sure that it is award worthy.   I have seen it twice and will see it again because I like discovering new things about it.

Theatrical Trailer

Bitch Slap.

Seriously. What’s not to love about three hot scantily clad ladies out in the desert as the search for a stash of stolen diamonds? This is a great throwback to those great B movies of the past. This looks like the brain child of Roger Corman and Russ Myers, but instead the credit goes to Rick Jacobson and co writer Eric Grunndemann. “Bitch slap is both homage and a satire of this type of genre. I love that in the middle of a big fight our three girls stop to have a water fight. It has nothing to do with the plot, but yet it was very funny and very sexy to have this slow motion moment and then cut back to the action like nothing happened.


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