Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Vern looks at Charlotte Gainsbourg......from a safe distance so she won't sue him for invasion of privacy.

Many of you are not going to know who this woman is, but she is a very talented actress and singer. You may have seen her in "The Science of Sleep" and "21 Grams" but it was her award winning role in "Antichrist" that really got me interested in this woman and now I am trying to watch everything she has been in .  I had no idea she was french and has a lot of movies released in her native country.  Many people have commented that she is just too plain looking but I find her to be absolutely beautiful and extremely talented. 

Here are a few of her movies that are worth seeing. 

My Wife is an Actress.

                                       (Photo: Canal +)

Charlotte Gainsbourg plays an actress named Charlotte.  Her real life husband Yvan Attal is playing a regular named Yvan who just happens to be married to the most popular actress in France.  I'm sure alot of you may compare this to "Notting Hill" but unlike that movie this one is actually funny and since the two leads are married in real life they have much better screen chemistry.

The Science of Sleep

                                    (Photo:  Gaumont)

In this offering from visual guru Michel Gondry("Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind", "The Green Hornet") Gael Garcia Bernal is  Stephane a man with a very vivid imagination who falls in love with Stephanie(Charlotte Gainsbourg).  A woman who is more grounded in reality but still yearns to be more childlike.  I did not really understand why Stephaine would really go out with Stepane because he does act like a childish jerk during their relationship and it felt more like he was looking for his mother rather than a partner but Gainsbourg mixed with Gondry's visuals makes this one worth recommending.


                                     (Photo: IFC Films)

Ms. Gainsbourg won the Cannes award for Best Actress for her role in Lars Von Trier's provocative horror movie.  In it her and William Dafoe are a couple who are dealing with the death of their son who falls out of an open window while they are having sex.  The two decide to go to their home in the woods to help her deal with her grief, but the results are something much more sinister as nature beings to consume and possess her.  It was a shame that the Academy didn't have the balls to even nominate it for best cinematography and Best Actress at the Oscars last year.  Yes their are some very disturbing imagery but there are moment of pure cinematic wonder.  This is not going to appeal to everyone and I can  understand and agree with why people hate this movie.  Never the less, I am still recommending this based on imagery and acting alone.

Besides Ms Gainbourg's acting she is also a very talented musician who has released three albums.  He latest was produced by Beck.  Her music can be described as industrial easy listening.   Here are a few of my favorite tracks.

                                                             Heaven can wait

                                                   Le Chat Du Cafe Des Artistes



  1. that is definitely what I was searching for, You have saved me alot of time

  2. I thought she was excellent in Antichrist but I still can't shake some of the images from that film from my head. *shudder*

  3. I fully agree with that statement Tom. Still That woman is very beautiful and she has great legs.