Sunday, March 13, 2011

A different kind of genre flick. A review of "AHH!! Zombies"(aka "Wasting Away")

To me the whole zombie picture has become it's own genre. Just like gangster,superhero, and even roadtrip movies.    There are going to be tons upon thousands of them released each year, but the ones that really stand out are the ones that try something new.  Let's look at one of them right now.

AHHHH!!! Zombies.

**'s out of four.

                                                (Theatrical Poster)

"Ahh. Zombies" or "Wasting Away"(which is the original title) is about four kids who accidentally eat some sort of chemicals they confuse with ice cream and become zombies.  The twist is that they seem themselves as regular folks but everyone else sees them as the slow moving undead.  The only people who can communicate with them are very drunk. Our four characters have no idea that they are zombies and that's where a lot of humor comes in.  One scene you'll see a guy walk up to someone asking for directions, and than it shows the same scene with the actual reality of  this zombie staggering and talking in grunts to the same person.

 The movie does a great job of using both black &white, and color.  The b&w is the actual reality and the color is how the characters viewed the world.  The actors all do a fine job playing their basic stereotype roles, and the idea of telling a story from the perspective of the undead was quite entertaining.  I just wished that they would keep on that idea of the characters not knowing they are zombies and than cut to the reality in certain scenes. Instead it seemed to focus too long on the kids in their human form and not enough in their zombie form.  If your a fan of this type of genre and more importantly old B style types of movies you will enjoy this.

"Wasting Away" on IMDB

For a double zombie feature to go with this.  I highly recommend the movie "Fido".    This zombie feature focuses on a young boy whose family finally gets their own undead as a pet, but problems arrive for the boy when his pet accidental bites someone.


***'s out of four

                                          (Theatrical Teaser Poster)


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