Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Vern checks out another dark haired hottie. Rebecca Hall.

Here is another beautiful woman that I think many of you need to take a look at.  I first discovered her in "Vicky Cristina Barcelona and while I though the movie was just ok. I was really impressed with Miss Hall.  Not only does she have luscious lips, and sexy playful eyes.  She is also very talented. 

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

                               (Photo: The Weinstien Company)

Rebecca Hall Stars with Scarlett Johansson as two sisters who are seduced by an artist(Javier Bardem) while on vacation. I'll be honest with you.  I wanted to see this because of Scarlet Johansson.  I really liked her in Woody Allen's previous movies so I had to see this one.  Once I saw Miss Hall, my eyes immediately  locked on her.  As much as I liked the little kiss that both Scarlett and Penelope Cruz had.  I was sort of hoping for a little lip action between both Rebecca and Scarlett as well. 


The Town.

                                 (Photo:  Warner Bros Pictures)

Say what you will about Ben Affleck's acting choices.  The man has proven he can direct a picture, and he has great taste at choosing his leading ladies.  In "The Town" Rebecca Hall  portrays a bank manager who falls in love with one of the bank robbers that took her prisoner a few months back.  I really liked the performances from all the actors and was impressed with the choices each character makes at the end. 


Please Give.

                               (Photo:  Sony Pictures Classics)

This is one I saw because it had her name listed and it  had an entertaining trailer.  I just wish that it had something more to offer.  It really had no idea if it wanted to be a politically incorrect comedy or a heart warming drama.  None of the characters were interesting or sympathetic except for Rebecca(Rebecca Hall) who takes care of her cranky Grandma.   But than again she was sort of a doormat who let others control her life.

I do hope we get to see this beauty in more role, and I am hoping a lead part will be coming soon because she is quite breathtaking.  Not just in her looks, but in her acting ability as well.   I just really hope she chooses good roles and doesn't end up in a bad cgi action flick.

Rebecca Hall Filmography

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