Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Vern looks at Ludivine Sagnier and thanks God for inventing France.

Allright gents it's high time I introduce you to an actress that many of you have not heard of. Which is a shame because she is just so f**king hot and truely talented.  I am speaking about Ludivine Sagnier who you can now see opposite Vincent Cassel in "Mesrine: Killer Instinct" on Netflix Streaming right now.   Ludivine has appeared in many movies since the 90's but I'm going to focus on just a few of her roles in hope that you will seek out more of her.

Water Drops on Burning Rocks.  2000

                                  (Photo: Fidelite Productions)

To be bluntly honest with you dear readers, this is not a very good movie. It involves an older man seducing a younger man and eventually his girlfriend.  The story is not believable enough, the ending doesn't match the actions at the beginning and the characters are just annoying.  So why am I putting this at the top of my list?  Because Ludivine gets naked and it does feature some great nude scenes with her.   I hate to sound so shallow, but her acting really wasn't that good in it, but she does look amazing.

8 Women.   2002

                                     (Photo: Focus Features)

This is Ludivine's 2nd movie from director Francois Ozon("Water Drops on Burning Rocks") and it is way better than that one.  Although she is playing a much younger character and does not get naked.  I was immediately drawn to the movie based on her performance alone.    The story involves 8 women who become unwilling suspects in the murder of a man at his estate.  The movie is billed as a musical, but the songs are short and are not as annoying as in others.

Swimming Pool.   2003

                          (Photo: Focus Features)

Miss Sagnier portrays Julie who disrupts an older writer(Charlotte Rambling)with random one night stands with strangers.  At first the writer is annoyed but than becomes interested when one of the men begins to show interest in her instead of the young vixen.   "Swimming Pool" is  the third collaboration between director Ozon and  actress Sagnier and it marks her first English language role as well.  If you have to start with one film, I  highly recommend this one.  Not only is she hot and gets naked.  Her performance echoes many femme fatales of the past.

Peter Pan.  2003

                                     (Photo: Universal Pictures)

Hands down the hottest Tinkerbell ever.  Sadly this was Ludivine's first and last big Hollywood movie.  I hope more American directors will  take notice and put her in more flicks here.

A Girl Cut in Two.  2007

                                (Photo: Pan Europeenne)

Gabrielle(Ludivine Sagnier) is an successful weather girl who is seduced by two wealthy men.  One a successful writer who loves her but refuses to leave his wife.  The other one is younger and loves Gabrielle more,  but Gabrielle doesn't find him as sexually adventures as her writer lover.  I saw this on cable one night and it was pretty good.  The story tends to lag a bit in some parts, but it kept me interested until it was over. 

 Mesrine: Killer Instinct.  2007 
 Mesrine: Public Enemy #1. 2010

                            (Photo: Music Box Films)

This is the movie about famed french gangster Jacques Mesrine(Vincent Cassel) and his rise to power and eventually fall.  Ludivine plays Sylvie Jeanjaquot who becomes the Bonnie to his Clyde as they both begin a massive crime spree.  I'm probably going to get shit for saying this, but Jacques Mesrine makes Tony Montana from "Scarface" look an innocent boy scout.



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