Friday, March 25, 2011

The Vern Previews "My Run" and gets tired just thinking of running one marathon.

                                             (Theatrical Poster)

Running marathons is an activity I have great admiration for.  I would never actually run in one but I have respect for those men and women who choose to test those limits.    Friends of mine run in marathons and I get exhausted just watching them yet I am still impressed with their energy and self motivation   After his wife died, Terry Hitchcock decided to run not one marathon but seventy five marathons in seventy five days.  He did this to bring attention to other single parents out there.   The documentary "My Run" shows us that if one man has the will and determination to achieve his goals than we all can.

                                                  Theatrical Trailer

"My Run" has won multiple awards including the audience award at the Austin Film Festival for best documentary and is being narrated by Billy Bob Thornton.  If you enjoy inspiring movies such as "Rudy" or "The Pursuit of Happyness"  lace up your sneakers and check it out for one night only on March 31.

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"My Run" in theaters March 31 2011

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