Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Vern will allways promise to give Girl Scouts their money after he looked at a preview for "Hanna".

                                                    (Theatrical Poster)

We have seen young girls with weapons before.  From Mathilda in "Leon"(aka "The Professional") to Hit-Girl in "Kick Ass", but it was always a subplot to the main story.  Now comes a movie that is solely about a young female assassin. 

                                                    (Theatrical Trailer)

 Saoirse Ronan is the title character who is trained as a killer by her father Erik Heller(Eric Bana).  She ends up getting captured, stages a daring escape and is on the run from intelligence agent Marissa Wiegler(Cate Blanchett).  While on the run she hides out in a small town where she finds other kids her age and before you can say anything.  There's a young man who sooner or later is going to be Hanna's love interest at some point.  Yet I don't really believe that this girl is going to give up her fight against the feds just because she has a crush.

                                 (Photo: Focus Features)

"Hanna" reunites director Joe Wright with his "Atonement" Star Ronan in which she was nominated for a best supporting Oscar in 2008. Her performance in that was very good, and although I did not like Peter Jackson's adaptation of "The Lovely Bones.  Her role as Susie Salmon was very good and I'm glad he is casting her in "The Hobbit"   This story of a young assassin looks to be quite different and unique, despite it's PG-13 rating. This one could even go to darker territories than one might think.

                                 (Photo: Focus Feature)

Let me know what you think.  I'll be back next week with a look at other pint size hit men and women.

Happy St. Patty's  Day