Sunday, April 17, 2011

I got a really bad "Scream" headache after watching "Scream 4".

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Cast.  Emma Roberts, Neve Campbell

Writer: Kevin Williamson

Director: Wes Craven

* and a 1/2 *'s out of four

*****NOTE****    This review will contain spoilers so if you have not seen this movie and don't want any of the surprises revealed.  Please exit the page although I do appreciate the support.  For all others read on.

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     I was not really excited to view the new entry in the "Scream" franchise since the third one was so bad.  But after seeing the 59% rating on and reading positive reviews from IMDB.  I decided to give this one a look and  it was the only one playing in the next ten minutes.

   In this story Sidney Prescott( Neve Campbell) decides to go back to her hometown to plug a book she wrote about the murders and how she survived it.  Right away I was asking what sort of sick twisted publication would put this as stop on a book tour?  They even scheduled it on the anniversary of when her friends were murdered.  Why she agreed to come back was never fully explained but I guess in her mind she must have thought that the nightmares are over and it's time to move on. 

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     While Sidney is there two young girls are killed in the same ways as the movies "Stab"(based on the murders that happened for real in "Scream") and her cousin Jill Roberts(Emma Roberts) begins getting phone calls from the voice that sounds like Mr Moviefone if he called a sex line.  Right than Sidney should have packed up her things and leave, but does she?  No.  The victim's blood is in the trunk of her car and she still decides to stay, what an ungrateful bitch.  By now Sidney knows god damn well that anyone associated with her is going to get killed. She even fires her publicity manager but does nothing to help make sure that nothing bad happens to her.  The killer even tells Sidney that he is going to wait and kill all her friends before he goes after her and the bitch still doesn't leave town. 

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     Now if past experiences of dealing with the same shit would have taught Sidney anything at all.  She would have know that the killer is someone she has become recently close with.  In each sequel,one of the killers has a relationship with our heroine at some point. If that's true Sidney would immediately begin looking in at any one that is close with her in any way.   Dewy and Gail "Weathers"Riley(David Arquette and Courtney Cox)  have lasted too long to be considered suspects so that really only leaves her cousin Jill.  In one key scene Sidney asks her to hide under the bed so she can lure the killer away, but when she returns Jill is gone. Right there a light bulb should have at least flickered in her head to make this girl at least a suspect.  But no, Sidney goes on searching for a different killer.

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          When the killers are revealed to be her cousin Jill and this geek from  a horror movie club Charlie Walker(Rory Culkin).  I was very surprised that these two have lasted this long.  They have been kicked,shot at, and have fallen down numerous times without any sort of scars or bruises on their bodies.   Also they didn't look like they were in the greatest shape either.   So it's really difficult to believe that they could have done all those kills themselves and escape so fast.   You can be crazy all you want but if you don't have the physical strength.  It's only going to take you so far.

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      Scream 4 did have a chance to get a higher rating after Sidney is killed and the focus switches to Jill and how she is going to pretend to be a victim and become famous for surviving.  I thought this was a really good idea  and should have been done a lot earlier in the story.   Now the audience will want to see if Jill will get away with it and the empathy is switched over to the killer's side.  It's the same technique Hitchcock used on "Psycho" and it would have worked effectively here.  However that is not the case.   Sidney miraculously survives(don't they all) and a obligatory battle between the two girls is fought resulting in Jill being shot.

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        I'm a  fan of the first "Scream" and will watch it every now and than even if I know the outcome because it's a really good story.  The characters were interesting and I liked all the inside jokes about horror movies.  In Scream 4 it looked like screenwriter Kevin Williamson was on a message board and just wrote down someones comments about other horror movies and used that.  They only good parts of the movie was the opening with all the false starts and you see someone watching a different "Stab" Movie and when you see Robert Rodriguez's name as the director of the first "Stab".   If "Scream 4" was suppose to be a statement about reboots or remakes.  Why not just show  the movie "Stab" which was supposed to be the glossy Hollywood version of the events that happened in "Scream".   Right after the character of Jill is shot.  Sidney responds "Don't fuck with the original."   Couldn't have said it better myself.

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  1. I'll wait for the video. But can you tell me, does Hayden Panettiere play a high school kid or a deputy or a school teacher or what? Because in pics she looks to me like she's 40ish...

  2. Hayden Panettiere plays Kirby Reed one of Jill Robert's friends.

    The deputy is played by Marley Shelton. You might recongnize her as Dr. Dakota Block from "Grindhouse"

  3. Great review! I like your writing style- straight to the point. Especially about Sidney, who has gone through this 4 times and still hasn't got a clue?

    Yes, the deputy (Marley Shelton) was Dr. Block in both Grindhouse Planet Terror and Deathproof. If you look close that's also her as the Drew Barrimore character from in Stab.

  4. Scream 1 was the best,Scream 2 was good,scream 3 sucked.That s the problem when you make to many sequels,maybe apart from Saw,happens everytine you overdo it,like Jaws and Nightmare on Elm Street.
    however i must say i will watch this movie when it arrives at Movie premium channels in Portugal,after all i did love the original Scream and am a fan od high emotions movies

  5. This review persuasive, well written, and pure bullshit. The reason Sydney didn't leave town was because she was a material witness and a suspect in the murders of Jenny and Marnie. There was a whole scene where Dewey explained to Sydney why she had to stick around. So that part about how Sydney was a stupid bitch and should have left-that was bullshit. Also, Jil was not even a suspect. If you read this review before watching the movie, the whole film will be ruined for you because the best part of the movie is when Jil and Charlie are revealed to be the killers, and the audience is totally shocked. Well, not so much about Charlie. He is at least sort of established as a suspect. There are several suspects, some of them more likely than others, and Jil isn't even on the list. So, your two main points in this review are pretty damn stupid to begin with. Than you go on and tear apart the characters that Scream fans have come to know and love. Sydney is not a bitch. She is a bad ass motherfucking G. Yes, maybe Scream 2 and Scream 3 disappointed original Scream fans such as myself, but Scre4m will make up for it. Don't let this review, well written though it may be, turn you off of seeing a great movie.

  6. Thanks for your comments Sweetheart.

    You make a valid point about her being a witness and that's why she doesn't leave, but it should be obvious to her that the killer is only atacking her friends just to get close to her. I mean this has happened how many times to her. Plus what the hell was she doing back in that town in the first place. It's one thing to face your fears, it's another thing to go back to the source of where it all happened. Especially since the same events happened three times already. For that reason alone she is a mega bitch.

    As for the part about Jill. I wrote above my review that I would give some spoilers away. I have a problem that Sydney doesn't suspect her cousin after she suddenly disapears after being attacked by a masked killer. It made no sense. In fact seeing her and that other kid as the killers was laughable because of the points I already made in my review.