Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Vern takes a look back at some other good electronic music scores. Part 2

Here are a  few more music soundtracks that I forgot to mention in my previous post.

Note*  As mentioned before you can click on each movie title to purchase the soundtrack.

Run Lola Run:  Composers:  Tom Twyker, Johnny Klimek, Reinhold Heil.

     The visuals of "Run Lola Run" captures at best what it feels like to be in a fast paced video game and the music helps enhance that feeling.  The story itself is not based on any video game, but it has that type of mentality. Instead of watching a video game you become part of the game.  This theme has been used in other movies and was even featured on an episode of "The Simpsons".

                              (Running One: Run Lola Run Sdtk)

Irreversible:  Composer: Thomas Bangalter.

   Before Daft Punk composed the score to Disney's "Tron Legacy".  Half of that group was hired from director Gaspar Noe to score his controversial revenge flick "Irreversible"  The results are very unsettling especially the first half, but as the film progresses to the events that happened at the start of the story the music becomes a lot more playful and light.  Track 3 is the best to play if you need a soundtrack for a haunted house.

                              ( Paris By Night: Irreversible Sdtk)

London:  Composers:  The Crystal Method.

          I remember seeing a preview of this movie and it didn't impress me much.  It was only later that I discovered that The Crystal Method composed some of the score to this.  It's an alright soundtrack but it's not the bands' best work.

                                                ( London:  London Sdtk)

If there's a soundtrack I have missed and you feel should be looked at.   Send me a message at


  1. being more of a rock fan,"Blaze of Glory "from "Young Guns -II" was my favourite ,specially the "Santa Fe song"...however there have dfinitely been some good electro music in movies,and your choices bring me oh so many memories.