Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekend Watch 04/22/2011

Hello all you wonderful, crazy, sexy, cine geeks out there who still read this site.  I hope you had a good week because you are looking good.  Well it's Friday and that means it's time to look in on some movies that are coming to a theater near you.    I have not seen any of these movies and won't be able to because my weekend is just too damn hectic right now, but hopefully will be reviewing some of these very shortly.

Water for Elephants.

                                  (International Trailer)

The Jew Hunter("Inglourious Basterds'" Christoph Waltz), The Vampire that glitters("Twilight's" Robert Pattinson) and Miss" Legally Blonde"( Reese Witherspoon) team up in this  romantic triangle set admits a local circus.  The performances look strong  and I admire Pattinson for wanting to be taken more seriously as an actor instead of being type cast in teen movies, but so far none of his performances are worth mentioning. Once again Waltz is playing yet another villain type.  I know he is good at it, but I hopeto see him in a light hearted role soon. Since we are on the topicof characters and actors.   I really miss Reese Witherspoon when she played characters who were not all sweet and nice.  Her role in "Freeway" was awesome and I wish she would go back to some of those characters again.   As for this move, I'm really hoping one of the elephants stomps on someone's  head.   You know for kids.

Madea's Big Happy Family.

                                                 (Theatrical Trailer)

       This movie will probably be number one at the box office even before the first showing.  Tyler Perry is a genius for  releasing this on Easter weekend.  No other family movie even dares to compete with this.  Disney is only releasing a documentary because they don't even want to try and tangle with the might of this movie.  This looks very similar to "Madea's Family Reunion" so expect a lot of soap opera type drama with Disney Channel sitcom type comedy.

Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.

                                     (Theatrical Trailer)

      Morgan Spulock the man who made a career by videotaping himself eat McDonald's for a month is back to look at the world of advertisement.  More importantly, Morgan is going to tackle the use of product placement in entertainment.  To do this he is going to ask different corporations if they will donate money to his film if he agrees to show their product. Therefore he will have his entire movie budget paid for with corperate advertising.    I like the idea of this because it won't be long before we see The McDonald's White House or Trojan Condom High School.  But since so many of us already work in advertising by the clothes we wear or what we post on our social networks.  I don't think this will have much of an  impact than it should.

African Cats.

                                                     (Theatrical Trailer)

   Samuel "Bad Mutha Fucka" Jackson is back to kick some ass in this action......Opps Sorry I read that last part wrong.  He is back to narrate a documentary about cats trying to survive in nature.  Not house cats although that would make a really good movie.  Dump a few house cats into the wilderness and see how long they survive.   The cinematography does look gorgeous and I'll give Disney some kudos for not adding celebrity voices to the cats.  I'm just not a fan of nature documentaries.


                                            (U.S. Theatrical Trailer)

   This was one of the nominees for best foreign language picture at the Oscars this year.  "Incendies" tells the story of two siblings who journey to find their lost  father and brother after their mother's death.  During their investigations they start to discover the reasons behind their disappearances.  This looks like a really good mystery and a great political thriller as well.    Of all the movies being released this week this is the one I am most interested in watching.

Stake Land.

                                                 (Theatrical Trailer)

      When I first saw this title I thought it read Steak Land, which in my mind would be a much better movie. An undiscovered country of nothing but steak.  I'm telling you the merchandise alone would be amazing.     However this  Stake Land is if you were to take the movie "Zombieland" and replace all the walking dead with vampires.  Next remove the comedy and make it into a serious horror film.  That assumption is based solely on the trailer above but seriously how can you not get that vibe from this.  I'm just hoping the movie has a really cool cameo in it.

When Harry Tries To Marry

                                               (Theatrical Trailer)

       An Indian man believes he will find true love with his arranged marriage.  But of course before he meets his bride he ends up falling in love with this red headed white girl and has to make a decision.   This looks like a very basic rom com and follows all the typical plot lines and characters.  It's very easy to sum up the ending without seeing  the whole thing.  One aspect of this movie that I have been seeing in countless other romantic comedies is the two characters crashing into eachother that leads into a date scene.  It happens a lot in movies and it's just a real bad plotting device.  I have tried that technique many times and the only date I end up getting is the one in court.

Legend Of The Fist:  The Return of Chen Zhen

                                                  (Theatrical Trailer)

       Chen Zhen(Donnie Yen) comes back to take revenge on the mob boss who shot him in this martial arts action flick.  Personally I think a much better title for this would be "Kato: The Introduction To A Legend"  It would be a chronicle of Kato's life from Japan all the way to America where he meets The Green Hornet.  All that is needed is just a little bit of editing, some English voice dubbing and you got a whole other new movie   The main character is already wearing the Kato mask so there is really not much else to do.

Have a good weekend everybody.  I'll be back Tuesday with some new articles and reviews.


  1. Just saw your comment on Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen. Is this a series continuation of Fist of Legend with Jet Li, or is Chen Zhen a pretty common name?

  2. Thanks for commenting jeffoeq. No I don't think this is part of any series. It looks like it wants to start it's own franchise. Just like Remo Willimas: The Adventure Begins and The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension.