Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekend Watch - 04/29/2011

Sorry about the lateness of this post.  I got home late  and tried to cook which turned into a disaster but that's a whole other story that I'll bore you with later .

Since the weather is bound to be horrible this weekend.  It might be a good time to see some movies at your local theater.   Keep in mind my dear readers that I have not seen any of the movies listed here and my opinions are based solely on the trailers. I will give you reviews in the future.  Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

Fast Five.

(Theatrical Trailer)

The fifth installment in  "The Fast and The Furious" franchise shows the racers being chased by Federals as they try to do one last job involving breaking into a police station to steal a lot of cash.  At least that's what I got from the trailer, which looks like a really cool car commercial or a music video instead of a movie.  All I saw was clips of cars driving fast, very hot women in skimpy outfits, cars crashing into things, more hot women, gun fights, fist fights, more cars driving fast and of course my favorite part.  A convertible going over a cliff with two characters that are able to stand up inside the car while it is falling.


(Theatrical Trailer)

Disney's latest effort is about four different couples on their journey to senior prom. I'm not quite sure why this was released theatrically. It looks like something I could see on the company's own station for free. The way they set up each couple's story looks very cliche.  I'm doubting the filmmakers did any research on teens or on character descriptions. Another thing that I believe will offend me about this movie is the lack of communication about sex. Prom is the place where a lot of young people have sex for the first time, and I think the subject will be avoided. Parents are not going to want to take their family to see a movie that discusses anything that makes them uncomfortable. But it's better to talk to them now instead of getting stuck with your daughter's boyfriend and her baby living with you. 

13 Assassins

(Theatrical Trailer)

Takashi Miike's samurai epic about a group of men determined to take down a ruthless leader is an action movie done right. When watching this trailer I felt interested in this story and the fight scenes looked amazing and realistic.  There's no giant robots("Transformers") or a tank that can be dropped out of a plane and still be able to fire it's guns at another target("The A Team"). Director Miike changed the face of horror with
his classic "Audition" and I believe he could do the same thing with the samurai picture.

Hoodwinked too: Good Vs Evil

(Theatrical Trailer)

Does anyone remember the first "Hoodwinked" because I sure don't. I check out the trailer for it online and I'm kind of surprised it did well enough to garner a sequel. The animation has many flaws and It looked like it was more interested in telling jokes than an actual story. In the sequel Little Red Riding Hood and The wolf work together as detectives for an agency that makes sure all fairy tales have a happy ending. Their latest case involves the kidnapping of Hansel and Gretel by a wicked witch and they have to get a wacky cast of characters to help get them back. I may be a bit cynical but the story of Hansel and Gretel isn't all that nice. You have two children who are led away from their homes because their parents want them to die so they won't have to care for them. When they do discover food it becomes a trap from an old witch who wants to eat them. All I'm saying is that if your going to us a fairy tale story in this. Shouldn't you have done your research and pick a more happier one.

The Cave of Forgotten Dreams.

(Theatrical Trailer)

Legendary documentary director Werner Herzog goes to an ancient cave that has been sealed off for a long time with his crew and films it. That is it, I wish I could have said something more about the story, but that seems to be the basic plot of this documentary. To me a much better version would have him stumbling upon some Mayans who are upset that he is filming. A big battle is waged, and later we discover that Werner is also a skilled fighter and he ain't taking shit from no one. That would be really cool, but no he just films the cave and tells us all the wonderful things about it. I know a lot of other well known critics are getting wet for this kind of movie, but the trailer really does nothing to build my interest in this. It's just someone shooting a movie about a cave. It could be very well done and have wonderful imagery,but if I'm not into the story or themes of it. You lost me. It would be like having Martin Scorsese shoot a movie about my apartment. Yes it would look fucking fantastic, but it's still just a video of my apartment.

Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night.

(Theatrical Trailer)

  When I first heard about this movie.  I immediately thought Bruce Campbell would be awesome in this role.  A guy who is a private dick for some monsters is something that would be perfect for him.  Even if the movie sucks it would still be worth seeing because it had Bruce "Don't call him Ash" Campbell.  Instead we get Brandon Routh who wants to get away from "Superman" by appearing in more quirky roles.  I for one thinks its great when an actor tries on different roles. Brandon was great in "Scott Pilgrim Vs The World", but it a bit too soon for him to do the lead role again.   As for the movie itself, I think this would have worked better as an "R" rated horror comedy.   There could have been a great use of slapstick style gore involving a man who is becoming a zombie and it would make the Dylan Dog character a bit more bad ass.    

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