Sunday, May 29, 2011

David Fincher's remake of "The Girl WIth The Dragon Tattoo" Official Teaser Trailer is here.

                 (Official American Poster of the Swedish Version) 

The original filmed version of the famed novel is one of the best thrillers since "The Silence of The Lambs".  So when I heard a remake was in the works I was very upset, because this is a Swedish movie.  It is set in a Swedish village and it has Swedish characters.  Why do they need to remake this in English just because some people hate to read subtitles.  It's fucking irritating how a lot of people hate to read words on screen.  We spend most of the day reading things on Twitter, Facebook and other things online,and no one has problems with that.  But ask people to read some word while they are watching a movie and a bloody war may break out .  My rage calmed down when I heard that David Fincher would be directing this version because I know he would not try and soften any of the rough moments this story has. 

The trailer is pretty fucking sweet in my opinion and I think Rooney Mara was a good choice to play the tattooed hacker Lisbeth Salander.  I even liked it that she has her eyebrows shaved to give her more of an androgyny look.  This might be Fincher's grittiest movie since "Se7en".

What do you think?

Here is the trailer for the new version.

Here is the trailer for the orginal version( Noomi Rapace will allways be Lisbeth Salander.  Other actors can play the role but they will never replace her)

This looks to be quite an enjoyable movie from the first trailer.  I hope they post an official one soon


  1. The Trailer for David Fincher's version got removed. I will repost it once it becomes official

  2. New trailer for the remake has been posted

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