Sunday, May 1, 2011

TheVern reviews " The Alien Girl" and thinks it would be a lot better if she actually was one.

The Alien Girl

Cast: Natalia Romanycheva, Evgeny Mundun
Writers: Vladimir Nesterenko, Sergei Sokolyuk
Director: Anton Bormatov

**'s out of four

                                   (U.S. Poster)

     At the end of this movie one of the characters explains to another the plot of  "Alien".  He tells this story  to help the other understand how he got to be where he is.  Except both movies have nothing to do with each other.  In fact I'm not quite even sure what the plot of this one is because none of the characters' motives are explained

    The best I can say is that " The Alien Girl" is about a crime boss who hires a bunch of thugs to track down the sister of one of a man they have captured so that he will remain silent.   After the thugs capture the woman(who is named Alien ), she ends up seducing one of them into betraying everybody else and gets him to go after the crime boss. 

    Director Anton Bormatov knows how to direct action very well, and he does have a great ear for character types and dialogue.  I just wished he would have worked more with the screenwriters in developing the story and the character's motives.  None of them are really explained except for Alien and even that wasn't told in much detail.  It felt like as soon as they get me interested in one character they introduce another one, but they forgot to either end or continue their story before they move on to the next.

    Since this is the first movie from this director and most of the cast.  I can look past some of the problems in the story because it does have some very interesting and creative action scenes. For one I love it that they show the actual damage that comes from a bullet. When every other action flick shows gun violence it usually shows the bad guys falling off screen like in a video game.  In this movie it shows the audience the damage a bullet can do.   Natalia Romanycheva who portrays Alien is very good and I'm not just saying that because she is beautiful and gets naked a bunch of times in this.  She really has a great screen persona that just stands out from the rest of the actors.  When she's in frame your eyes can't help but go to her.  I hope that she gets cast in more movies in her native Russia or in the U.S.A.

Alien Girl is available for streaming on Netflix right now.


  1. Now this just shows how Mr Vern,pays atention not only to Hollywood but to world wide movies.

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    1. Thanks for the feedback Chris. I appreciate it

  5. Hey thought you might be intersted this is now out with English Subtitles via Amazon Instant Video!

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