Tuesday, May 3, 2011

TheVern takes a good look at Italian hottie Asia Argento and her wonderful "talents"


This dark haired hottie has been melting hearts with her sultry voice and one of a kind look.  Asia Argento has been working in movies ever since she was young.  Besides acting this Italian bird is a model, a singer, a DJ and a director.  The Videovangaurd  takes a look at some of the highlights in her career

NOTE****I do want to take a quick moment and apologize for not doing a complete filmography on Asia's work.  I don't allways get a chance to see everything, but if you do have any recomendations let me know.  ****


Land Of The Dead.

                                    (Photos:  Universal Pictures)

  It's appropriate that George A Romero would cast Asia in his latest zombie flick.  After all, her father is legendary director Dario Argento who helped Romero back in 1978 with the classic flick "Dawn Of The Dead".  In this tale she plays a women who teams up with the zombie hunters to go after a corrupt politician who keeps certain people away from his gated community.  This is the first movie I have seen her in and as you can tell from the above photos.   Your damn right I'm checking out her other movies.



   This is a very ordinary plot about a dweebish young school teacher(Jarred Harris) who becomes infatuated with a sexy jewel thief named B Monkey(Asia Argento). There really isn't much to this movie because the plot is predictable and the chemistry between the two actors is kind of bland.  Yet with all it's faults I do like this movie.  Well, at least a few key scenes where Asia shows off some of her wonderful talents.  After that it was hard to shut the movie off because she might show off her great talents again and it would be rude of me to miss it.


                         (Photo: Columbia Pictures)
 When  I'm with my friends  and we're discussing "Talented" ladies, I mention Asia's name.  What I get is a wall of blank stares until I mention this movie.  XXX is James Bond movie combined with a Mountain Dew commercial.  A lot of cool spy gadgets and extreme sports with Miss Argento playing one of the femme fatales.    Both her and Vin Disel are pretty good in this and they are convincing as the standard action couple.  The ones who despise each other at first, but than become closer near the end. 

The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things

(Red Band Theatrical Trailer)

     Asia wrote, directed and starred in this very well acted story about the worst life a child could ever live.  This was based off the book of the same title by J.T. LeRoy who was revealed later on to have never even existed.  Asia not only uglies herself up, but also the situations this child had to live through.  Albiet this movie is very bleak and depressing,it's also an amazing piece of work. I hope to see more of her directorial features soon.

Marie Antoinette

                                  (Photo: Columbia Pictures)

   What's that line about there not being any small parts in a movie.  I know it has something to do with size but I'm not quite sure what the exact quote was.  In any case even though Asia appears briefly in Sofia Coppola's version of the iconic queen of France.   She still manages to stand out as the mistress of  Louis The Fifteenth.

The Last Mistress


  From controversial director Catherine Breillat(Fat Girl) comes the story of  a young man who leaves behind his mistress of ten years to wed a very wealthy young girl.   Yet even though he is away from her he still can't forget about her and starts to have doubts about his upcoming marriage.  Asia just shines in this performance.  In some scenes she just radiates such cool confident sexual energy and in others she is an angry broken down mess, but doesn't go too far so we don't loose intrest.  It's a great movie that shows off her great acting talents as well as her other "talents". And by other "talents", I mean she gets naked and it is beautiful.

Videos and Pictures.

Random pictures and videos of Asia Argento

DJ Asia Argento.
Here are some video clips of Asia mixing some tunes for the dance floor.

Music Video

MUNK Featuring Asia Argento. "Live Fast Die Old"

Asia Argento and her child.

A great personel video of Asia and her new born baby girl

To see more of her click on her name to view her website.   Asia Argento


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