Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Vern presents some retro articles from The Examiner.

Before I started  The Videovangaurd I decided to post a few articles on different web publications.  One of those was The Although I only published a few articles I wanted to share them with you my dear readers.    Now keep in mind that most of these articles were published back in the year 2009.  Before Iphones and apps and I was still using my real name.  Where the number one movie was about blue people trying to protect their home from being destroyed by an overzealous Army General.  I think it was called "Smurfs" and everyone was "Dancing On The Ceiling" with Lionel Richie.  At least that's what I think the song was called.  After autotuneing was introduced I couldn't tell the difference between songs anymore.

Here are the articles.  Thanks again for reading. 

The Overlook Hotel Tour Guide. A look back at "The Shining".

The 10 best comic book movies ever made: part 1

The 10 best comic book movies ever made: part 2

Movie Reviews: "The Girlfriend Experience & "Drag Me To Hell"

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