Friday, May 27, 2011

The Videovangaurd presents the Weekend Watch 05/27/2011.

Whew.  I am a wee bit exhausted, hence  the lack of posts this week.   My apartment finally got a new roommate after the last one had to leave for school.  It was nice having a place to my self for a while, but  than I got laid off which made payments very difficult.  However;the day I found out about the new roommate is the day I get a call about a job and BAMM.  I am back in business and making money.  It wasn't easy converting my office into a bedroom but I managed.  It's quite cozy although many of you are going to call it cramped.  I'll post pictures once I get some of the clutter out of the way.  But you didn't come here to read some shit about me.  So let's get to some mutha fucking movies.

The Hangover: Part 2

There is no doubt this movie will do good at the box office this weekend.  If it is not number one, it will at least be in the top two spots. But after watching the trailer I just felt like they were recycling jokes and stories from the first movie.  They even used the obligatory phrase that is used in every sequel."I can't believe this is happening again".  Now if you were one of these characters who blacked out after drinking at a bachelor party. Would you go out and do shots at a wedding with the same guys you blacked out with before.   In fact I'm a little concerned that they would still want to be drinking after all the shit that has happened to them.  If there is ever a part 3, I hope it is set at the Betty Ford Clinic because those guys need some serious help.

Kung Fu Panda 2

Yes, every one's favorite lovable panda is back in another animated feature.  I'm sure most parents will drop their kids off at this one while they go off to see "The Hangover: Part 2".  The only thing that kind of upsets me about this trailer is that it only focuses on Jack Black .  "Kung Fu Panda 2 has the voices of Jean Claude Van Damn, Jackie Chan, and Michele Yeoh who are legends in martial arts cinema.  Why not give them some respect back and include their names in the trailer or at least on the god damn poster.  Don't get me wrong, I like Jack Black but when you have actual legends of Kung Fu in a movie (animated or not) about the same subject.  It's time to pay some respect.

The Tree of Life

If we lived in a better society. Adults would try to broaden their minds by watching movies that asks them to pay attention and think for a little bit.  Now I can understand the need after a rough day at work and at home to just escape for a couple of hours and watch something you don't have to think about. I really do.  It's just that for this particular weekend. the only original movie out right now is "The Tree Of Life"  (2011 Palm d'OR winner at Cannes).    I have no real clue what the movie is about, but I can safely say I have never seen anything like it before.  Now new things tend to scare people away from theaters and that's why sequels and remakes do so well, because of the familiarity with the story.  I'm still hoping that one day will live in a society where original movies get better business than they do.