Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekend Watch 05/06/2011

Sorry about the late reply folks.  It's been quite a busy weekend for yours truly.  I usually post these articles first thing on Friday, but I got stuck at a job interview and once I was done with that I only had a few hours to get home and get ready to head out to celebrate with some friends.  Saturday was spent cleaning my place to make it more appeasing for potential roommates.  But enough talk, on with the flicks.


(Theatrical Trailer)

While not the most popular of the superheroes that have gone on to the big screen."Thor" at least has some incredible acting due to the talents of Stellan Skarsgard and Natalie Portman.  This is director Kenneth Branagh first foray into action movies, and his previous work at adapting Shakespeare could play in his favor.   Will have to wait and see.

Something Borrowed

(Theatrical Trailer)

Rachel(Ginnifer Goodwin) has falling in love with her best friend's fiance, but was in love with him before her friend even met him.  Yes it's the the shy woman getting the confidence to go after what she wants type of story.  But with pretty solid performances from co stars Kate Hudson and Collin Egglesfield.  This might be interesting enough to see if the line for "Thor" is too long.

Jumping The Broom

(Theatrical Trailer)

No, this is not the new adult film starring Sasha Grey.  This is  a movie about two very different families joining together for a weekend to celebrate the wedding of their kids.  Of course both families hate each other and try their best to break the happy couple up.  There will be that one moment towards the end where the couple will fight but don't worry.  All will end well with a family dance off during the end credits.

The Beaver

(Theatrical Trailer)

I'm sorry Mel, but it might be a while before people start seeing your movies again.  You should probably start with a few cameos and small roles before you headline another movie.  With that said. "The Beaver" could of been a very funny story about a guy who learns to be happy again through a puppet he finds.  But instead it looks more like a Hallmark movie than  the dark comedy gem it could have been. 

Last Night

(Theatrical Trailer)

Joanna(Keira Knightly) and Michael Reed(Sam Worthington) are a married couple who both become involved with other people(Eva Mendes,Guillaume Canet) while they are both away for business.    This may be a bit too bleak for some people, but the fact that the ending can't be predicted makes it an interesting watch.

Hobo With A Shotgun

(Theatrical Trailer)
(To see the uncensored trailer. Click here   )

What once began as a fake trailer just like "Machete" in "Grindhouse".  "Hobo With A Shotgun"  is being turned into a feature starring Rutger Hauer in the title role.  With a title like this, there is no need to explain the plot.  This is for action fans only,and I mean real action fans.  The "R" rated action fans who like their main characters to have a little bit of a dark side, but still end up doing the right thing.  Let's put it this way, if you gave me a choice between joining the crew from "Fast Five" or with the Hobo and his shotgun.  I'm giving the bum my best coat and all the booze he wants.

Passion Play.

(Theatrical Trailer)

In this tale Nate(Mickey Rourke) is on the run from gangsters when he meets and falls in love with an Angel(yes with actual wings) named Nell(Megan Fox).   Problems arrive when head gangster Happy Shannon(Bill Murray)  falls for the girl and promises to keep Nate alive in exchange for her.  I like it that both Rourke and Murray are playing against type and I like to think their characters could work, but not in this movie.   They both are very belivable in their roles.  I just don't find them interesting enough to sustain a full feature. 

There Be Dragons

(Theatrical Trailer)

From Roland Joffe("The Killing Fields") comes a story about a journalist investigating the past of his father and one of his friends who is a candidate to be a potential saint in the Christian church.  The film shows how both men endure the horrors of the Spanish civil war but also it shows some good things too.  This is very well acted drama with wonderful actors reading their lines and expressing emotions very well.  I just don't care enough about these characters to want to sit with them for two hours.  This almost looks like a poor man's version of "Incendies".

I'm Not Jesus Mommy

(T.V. Ad that was banned)

A mother finds out that her son was cloned from the blood of Jesus Christ after strange things begin occuring. It's great to see some orginal horror movies being made. It's just sad that they are not being marketed. Look for a full review of this movie later on this week.

Until Next week.  I hope you all have a great week.   I love you mom. Happy Mothers Day.