Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Videovangaurd presents The Weekend Watch 06/03/2011.

I apologize about the lateness in this post, so in reality this is more of a weekend review than an actual watch. Still there is a lot of movies being released.   So let's take a look at a few of them that are worth checking out.


Beginners is the story of a man who is worried that his newest love interest will go bad like many of his previous relationships have before. While this is going on, his father admits to him that he is gay and has been for all of his life but was too afraid to admit to everyone. Ewan McGregor stars along side Christopher Plummer and Melanie Laurent in this romantic comedy. It's nice to see "Inglourious Basterds" Melanie Laurent in another American production and I hope she continues to get roles both here and in France. The movie itself does look like one of those that will have me smiling and having me feel good about myself. But I don't think it will have me laughing.

X-Men: First Class.

(A very cool opening credits for the movie that should have been used.  Thanks to Joe D for creating this)

The X-men are back in this prequel that explores how Magneto and Professor X first met. I am a huge fan of these powerful mutants, and after the disappointing third movie. It's good to see a fresh original tale that combines fictional characters with real life events from the past. The big event in this story involves the X-Men trying to prevent the Cuban Missile crises. Of all the movies being released this week. This one looks to be the most enjoyable.
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 Small Town Murder Songs.

 Peter Stormare is rocking the pornstache as a local sheriff who is investigating his first murder case. He believes the main suspect is his ex wife's new husband but no one in town seems to be on his side. This is a quietly intense movie that evokes the films of the Coen brothers according to the text on screen during the trailer. It' s great to have a few quips from critics on a trailer, but this one seems to put too much attention on it. The story itself should be the main selling point, not someones opinion about it.


Yes another one of these hipster,quirky indie movies that has a young virgin trying to seek love while at the same time trying to find his own identity. He falls in love with a girl who in reality would have no problems finding a date, but in a indie movie. She's the awkwardly girl who everyone finds weird because she doesn't wear trendy clothes. The imagery of this is very impressive, looking like it was actually released in the sixties instead of being only set during that time.

Beautiful Boy

Michael Sheen and Maria Bello are parents who find out their son was responsible for a school shooting that have ended many lives including his own. The whole movie seems to be about how the parents cope with this type of tragedy and how they managed to stay together. There is going to be lots of scenes of people yelling, and crying. Along with a lot of moments where both parents reflect back on a happier moment with their son before he went all crazy. A much more interesting movie in my opinion would be from the son's perspective so that we could see the moment where he just snapped. If you're a fan of acting and want to see two pros dish out some heavy emotional stuff. You may enjoy this.

I hope you had a good weekend.    Next week I will be featuring a retro review of "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" and a review of "13 Assassins"    Laters.


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  2. well.Good choices.But my 2 favs definetely are X men,for everything involved in it.I beilieve it s a new blockbuster,however too many sequels can kill it,so lets hope it does not disapoint.And "BEginers" is an outstanding movie.
    Well done my fellow mobster MR. VErn