Friday, June 10, 2011

The Videovangaurd presents: The Weekend Watch 06/10/2011

Well Summer is officially here.  Well it is for me because it's been way over 100 degrees these past few days and now it's finally been able to come down to 65 -70 degrees today and tomorrow.  The Videovaguard is going to be making some changes in the next couple of months including audio reviews and podcasts.    So let's start this off right by posting some previews of movies that are coming to theaters this weekend.

Judy Moody and the not Bummer Summer

I'm all for silly kids movies and I think it's great that there are movies that are not ashamed to show kids acting goofy, but this looks like utter shit. The whole premise revolves around these dink minded parents who decide to go on vacation to California and leave their children in the care of a woman who is a grade level behind each of them combined. The parents should have worked harder on finding better birth control if this is how they are going to raise their kids. Seeing Heather Graham in the trailer did perk my interest a bit because she was so hot in movies like "Boogie Nights" and "The Hangover".  However since this is a kids film She'll have to tone it down a bit. Damn.

Super 8.

Finally a big blockbuster summer movie that is not a remake, sequel, reboot, or adaptation. The latest from Star Trek director JJ Abbrams looks like a combination of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and "Jaws". Two other big movies from Steven Spielberg who serves as the producer on this film. The trailer only explains to me that back in the 70's a few kids are shooting a movie when a train  derails and unleashes a being and people being disappearing.  This looks like a lot of fun and I hope that filmmakers in the future will strive more for originality instead of taking the cheap way out and just adapt things.

Troll Hunter.

A group of hunters want to film the tracking and capture of some pretty grotesque creatures in this low budget, but high quality flick. Right now you could watch this On Demand, but I believe this would better on a big screen amongst your friends. In fact this would be a good double feature with "Super 8".

The Trip.

Steve Coogan goes off to a country side estate where he meets another actor(Rob Brydon) and they do impressions of other actors. The impressions they do are very good. Especially Coogan when he does Michael Cain, but I'm not quite sure how this will hold up for two hours.

Guilty Hearts.

Yes that's tabloid whore Charlie Sheen along with Julie Delpy, Eva Mendes and Gerald Butler in a movie that looks like it will have some clever camera angles along with very intense performances.   But in the end will eventually add up to nothing.

Bride Flight

4 girls come to New Zealand to meet their husbands as part of an arranged marriage to gain citizenship I'm assuming. While there one of them falls in love with another man. The husband finds out about it and along with his highly religious parents vows to cause trouble to her and her kids.  Bride Flight has received a lot of awards but it looks like something I could watch on Lifetime so I think I will pass on it.

Road to Nowhere.

At the start of this trailer there is a quote that says this movie is to independent films as "Avatar" is to popcorn flicks. I'm sure the actual movie is quite good but this trailer is so god damn pretentious and smug. Set to a country song that talks about the movies and featuring text that asks you where is the line between fact and fiction, truth and art, life and death, and Biggie and Tupac. Well maybe not the last part but it should have asked that if they wanted me to give a shit about any of it.  I probably would have seen this movie if I haven't seen this  trailer with it's head up it's own ass.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

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