Friday, June 24, 2011

The Videovangaurd presents: The Weekend Watch 06/24/2011

Woohoo!!! Let's all celbrate with another week done. I don't know about you, but the waether here in Minnesota has been shit. Rain and cold for the last week of June is not my idea of what summer should be.   Let's hope July is much better because I can't take any more of this cold weather.  The good news is that since it's cold its a good excuse to go indoors and see a movie. I would probably say the same thing if it was hot outside too.  So what kind of cinematic goodies are in store for you this weekend? The one movie I'm excited about this weekend is "Hobo With a Shotgun". It's exciting because I thought I would have to wait til it's on DVD before I could see it, but it's finally comming to the midwest for one week only. I will have
a review posted sometime next week.

Here are the Newones

Cars 2.

The only reason I'm excited about Pixar's latest sequel is because they got japaneese pop band "Perfume" to be on the soundtrack. They are very good and their songs are infectious.   As for the actual movie itself. The animation  does look great, but I really wasn't that much into the first one therefore I'm not really into this. I will be seeing this, just not durring the daytime.


Bad Teacher.

Cameron Diaz plays a Teacher at a public elementary who doesn't give a shit about anyone. That is until she meets Scott(Justin Timberlake) and decides to get breast implants to help impress him. How is she going to come up with the money? Well by getting her class to the top of the school so she can win her bonus of course. This role would have been perfect for Miss Diaz after she did "The Mask" or "Charlie's Angels" because she was damn hot in those flicks. Now she is getting a little bit older and even though she still looks great. I just don't buy her as the sexpot in these movies anymore.  She should take some risks and go for some erotic type thrillers and dramas where she could play a real seductress.

Conan O'Brien: Can't Stop.

I'm not going to spend much time discribing this movie. This is for fans of Coco only. If your a Leno fan stay far far away.

A Better Life.

Chris Weitz("About a Boy") directs this tale of a mexican father who comes to America with his son and finds work as a gardener. When his truck is stolen by gang members and he tries to get it back. He is arrested because I'm assuming he wasn't a legal citizen. This looks to be a good solid drama but the trailer alone did not sell me on it. Maybe it will for you.

Leap Year.

                                 Before I was even able to watch the trailer for this, I had to input my birthday.  The trailer doesn't tell me anything about the story, just praises from the critics who like it mixed in with some clips of the movie.  The girl is not bad looking and I like movies that take risks in showing explicit sex and not be pornographic, So yes I will see this. (Click on title if you want to see trailer)

The Best and The Brightest.

Neil Patrick Harris plays a father who unwillingly becomes a poet of perverse material. These poemes become succsesful which alowes him and his wife(Bonnie Somerville) to be able to afford private schooling for their daughter. Of course hijinks insue when he gets nominated for some type of poetry award and has to keep up appearances.   If this sounds enjoyable to you, than by all means see it. For everyone else, stay clear.  

A Love Affair of Sorts.

The first movie to be shot entirely on a Flip video camera looks like a better short student film than a full feature. The premise alone of having a couple record eachother might be interesting for the characters alone but not the audience. It's as bad as having someone you don't know show you their honeymoon videos.

As I said before "Cars 2" features the japaneese pop group Perfume in their first U.S. movie.  Here are three of my favoirte tracks including one from the soundtrack.

Perfume: Polyrhythm from the "Cars 2" soundtrack

Perfume: One Room Disco(with english subtitles)

Perfume: Voice( it's this simplistic video that me me take notice of this band)


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