Friday, June 3, 2011

The Videovangaurd reviews Midnight in Paris.

Midnight In Paris

Cast: Owen Wilson,Rachel McAdams
Writer and Director: Woody Allen

 ***'s out of four

                                      (Theatrical Poster)

Woody Allen movies are their own genre. You can't even mention one of his movies without saying his name. There are only a few other directors that could also make that claim, but since they don't make a movie every year. I'm going to have to give props to Mr.Allen on this one. His latest comedy has Owen Wilson stepping into the Woody Allen persona. This particular character has been played by other actors such as Kenneth Branagh("Celebrity"), John Cusack("Bullets Over Broadway") and Tobey Maguire("Deconstructing Harry). Wilson is the best out of all of them because he doesn't overdo the nervousness as other actors have.  He is much more relaxed and because of that he is much more charming than most .

NOTE***** The following review will contain spoilers . 

The story is about a writer named Gil(Owen Wilson) who is on vacation with his wife Inez(Rachel McAdams) and her parents in Paris France. Inez could care less about the city, but Gil is just in love with it. More Importantly he is in love with a particular time period. Gil is trying to write the next best American novel but is stuck writing big budget action flicks. Than one night while walking the city alone. A cab pulls up and takes him back to his favorite era. The 20's To him these were the best times because writers were more appreciative than they are now.  He gets to meet a lot of his favorite authors and falls in love with a young woman Adrianna(Marion Cotillard) who wants to live in the late 18th century.

No one really likes the time period that they live in. For me I would love to live in London during the sixties. This was the birthplace of the some of the new wave cinema and it was birth to a new style of rock and roll. How cool would it be to see The Beatles before they came to America.  Pretty fucking sweet if you ask me. But I guarantee you that if you talked to anybody who still there during that time. They would not have such a high opinion and would like to live in a time or place different to where they are now. This could also be Woody  himself saying that he likes these old things but would complain about it if he actually lived there.

The cast along with Wilson are all good. Including Corey Stoll as Ernest Hemingway and Allison Pill as Zelda Fitzgerald. There is even a moment between Gil and Salvador Dali(Adrian Brody) that had me smiling. I note strongly that the movie made me smile. These were not forced smiles. I genuinely liked this movie. I just did not find it that funny, and I usually find Woody Allen movies to be very funny. I might have chuckled once durring it but I didn't laugh. The smile however was still on my face after I left.