Monday, June 20, 2011

The reviews the erotic movie from Korea. "The Housemaid"

The Housemaid

 Cast: Do-yeon Jeon, Jung-Jae Lee

Writers: Sang-soo Im, Ki-young Kim

Director: Sang-soo Im

***'s out of four

                                 (U.S. Theatrical Poster)

The term erotic drama is pretty damn rare to see in theaters these days. Scratch that it's damn near extinct. Nudity in the past year or so is mainly used for cheap laughs or just as a marketing tool. A lot of filmmakers are afraid to make erotic movies because they are afraid their movies will be labeled as pornographic. Which is kind of ironic because most studios like to use sex as a way to market their movies but yet they still shy away from any sort of sexual topic. You are more likely to find sex on TV than you would the movie theater.  "The Housemaid" has some pretty graphic sex scenes, and explicit dialogue about sexual acts spoken by the characters, but it is shot in such beautiful composition by cinematographer Lee Hyung-deok. That it goes beyond simple shots of tits and ass.  I found myself pausing this film at certain times and could honestly see these stills at an art gallery. 

(Cannes 2010 Trailer) Thanks to MovieManiacsDE for the embed code

The story is about Eun-yi Li(Do-yeon Jeon) a girl who is living in poverty. She works at a little diner and sleeps with her boss( It doesn't say they are having sex but they both share the same bed). She is asked to be the maid of a wealthy businessman named Hoon Goh(Jung Jae Lee), his pregnant wife and youngest daughter. While there Eun-yi and Mr.Goh start a passionate affair and his wife finds out about it. But she isn't mad that he is cheating on her, she is more upset that he got the maid pregnant, and she will do whatever is necessary to help make that pregnancy does not happen.

All of the actors do a great job, but I especially want to give praise to Do-yeon Jeon and Jung-Jae Lee for their brave work in this film. It's not easy being naked in front of other people and it's even more difficult to act like your having sex with out actually having it.  I believed each character's emotions were real as I watched their most intimate moment.

                                    (Cannes Theatrical poster)

"The Housemaid" is a slow movie but it is not boring. The story builds and builds just as a piece of classical music does. Each character representing a musical instrument and each instrument adds to the story.  You know while watching this that there is going to be a grand finale but your not quite sure what it will be but it keeps you riveted and interested in what happens throughout the whole thing. The only reason I did not give this four stars is because I didn't like the ending,but that's not to say I thought it was bad.  It's just not what I would have used, but that's only my opinion. You may find the ending to be perfect,but for me it didn't match one of the character's previous decisions. 


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