Friday, June 17, 2011

The Videovangaurd presents: The Weekend Watch 06/17/2011.

Damn It's been another week already. Well time sure does seem to be going fast when all these movies are being released. I am happy to announce that if you missed any movies from last week this would be the perfect opportunity to catch up on them because there is nothing exciting being released this week.  I wish I wasn't serious but there is really nothing coming out that I would pay to see in theaters. The only one that looks halfway decent is  "Kidnapped" and I'm pretty sure I'll be watching that at home anyways since it most likely it won't be released to theaters near  me for a while.

The Green Lantern.

I'm pretty sure DC comics is getting pretty pissed off at Marvel for all the cool movie adaptations they have been getting so far this summer("Xmen First Class" and "Thor").  "The Green Lantern" wants to be just as successful as Batman or Superman, but the trailer comes off looking very weak. Too much CGI makes it look like I'm watching a video game than a movie.  The studios are for the most part trying to cash in on that type that loves games and it looks to have a successful opening weekend, but it doesn't have any staying power. I don't care how impressive the effect are if the movie does not have a good story or characters your audience is not going to care one damn thing about it.

Mr. Poppers Penguins

This might be a great role for Jim Carrey if he was just a struggling actor trying to get work and he didn't want to try prostitution. Anyone could play this part because there is really not much to this character. The emotional arch of the main character is very predictable after watching the trailer.  The whole premise of a guy who gets a package of penguins and than proceeds not to return them to a zoo official is really idiotic. If you have the mental capabilities of a four year old you will enjoy this. For all others stay away.

The Art of Getting By.

Emma Robberts("Scre4m") and Freddie Highmore("Finding Neverland") star in this tale of a slacker who is put on academic probation and ends up discovering love and ultimately his real talent. Why do all of these indie movie have main characters who don't work or do anything, but yet somehow end up with an attractive girl. It seems like the more quiet and more distant you are from others the more the woman just want to drop their panties more quickly. If you want a good movie about a slacker who falls in love after he is kicked out of his school, watch "Rushmore". The characters in that are far more interesting than this one.


A man is taken by force to collect money for a group of men who are holding his family hostage back at his house. The trailer looks pretty intense and I am a big fan of these realistic looking suspense tales so I will be checking this out. Well at least when it comes to DVD because I don't think it will be released in theaters where I live.


A true life tale of a classic American hero. Buck looks like a character from a tall tale story I remember my grandma reading to me when I was a kid.  The story of a man who can train horses without the use of any restrains or violence is quite remarkable. He can can even get a wild horse to calm down with just a simple gesture. I am intrigued to check this out, but would be more impressed if I got to meet this person live.

Page One: Inside the New York Times.

Yes print media is a dying art form, but not for the employees at the New York Times. Who are hard at work at merging with it's digital counterpart to become a huge force in the world of news. It looks like this is a movie about a company that was suppose to fall, but than was able to come back stronger than ever. If you like this publication or are interested in the story of a company who makes a comeback you might like this. As for me it just didn't hold my interest.


Hey. Does anyone remember "RiverDance" That one dance craze back in the 90's besides the macerena.  If you don't well now here's your chance to experience what the rest of us have been trying to forget about these last few years. "Jig" is about three families who work hard at trying to become world famous dancers in Ireland.  I'm sure the filmmakers are really hoping this craze starts again, because they don't want to be known for just their whiskey. 


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