Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A note to all AMC Theatres Management & Staff from TheVern.

Dear AMC Management and Staff.

Recently I had some free time and instead of being in the hot sun. I went out and caught a showing of Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris" at the Block E AMC Theatres in downtown Minneapolis. The theater is suppose to have a pretty decent sound system and a good projector unit.   So I was interested at how this would look. Not that this needed to have 5.1 digital surround sound but still I wanted something good. What I got was a soundtrack that kept cutting back and forth between being on only two speakers to sound on all the speakers. It got to the point that I had to talk with management about it, which I'm sure annoyed the hell out of them.  After all they were showing screenings of "Harry Potter" and "Transformers". Why should they care about a little movie like this. When I got back the sound was fixed to just the two front speakers and I thought well at least it's not cutting in and out. Ten minutes later all the speakers cut back on and the movie sounded right.

This wasn't the first problem I had when watching a movie. Recently while watching "Hanna" for the second time at the AMC Theatres at Mall Of America.  I noticed that the picture was not centered properly. Causing the top half of the movie to appear on the bottom, right below a black line. I was even more surprised that I was the only one that went out to management and complained about it.  After I explained the problem the picture was fixed right away.

At the Southdale AMC Theatres in Edina,MN when watching "Thor" in 3D.  I noticed that the images were very dark while wearing the glasses.  It looked like the whole movie was filmed during a rainstorm when wearing them.  I removed the eye wear periodically and noticed the imagery was a lot brighter.  Looking back I probably should have said something, but I was way too into the story to even try anything.

These three incidents made me wonder. Is it this whole Minnesota nice thing that makes us not want to deal with any sort of confrontation. I'm not sure but I do know that you as the owner and your staff need to take better care of the way movies are being shown. Make sure that sound mix is coming through all the speakers and that the picture is properly centered. Also pay attention to the movie's aspect ratios and format the picture to match the correct screen size. Other wise you'll see an extra set of black lines or a picture that appears too small on it.  When showing a 3D flick.  Makes sure the brightness and colors are up so the picture doesn't look dark when wearing the glasses.   If you need help in this area, I am available for a small fee.



Film Critic(and one of my mentors) Roger Ebert, posted a fascinating article about 3D movies on
Check it out here.  Roger Ebert on 3D


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