Wednesday, July 6, 2011

TheVern goes to CONvergence 2011 and tries his best to remember what happened.

                        (The main section at CONvergence)

Sorry about the late reply folks.  I know its been quite a few days since I posted anything on this site.  But my hand was hurting and it still hurts now.  The spent a good solid two full days at CONvergence but was only able to get my camera for one day because I forget it the first two days and I wasn't about to go back and grab it especially after I found out about all the free drinks that were going on.   To be fair I  wasn't a complete dick and did tip as much as I could.   Hell there were rooms that kept serving drinks til 6 in the morning and for that I give a worthy salute. 

                              (Professor Henry Jones and Henry Jones Jr(Indiana)

                                (Raoul Duke:  "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas")

                                             (Rosie the Robot from  "The Jetsons")

If you are reading this and have been asking yourself "What the fuck is he talking about".  I apologize; I should explain that CONvergence is a yearly get together of all types of people getting together and geeking out about things.  Some of the costumes this year were pretty sweet, but the coolest things were the party rooms.  A lot of patience and efforts went into creating these rooms that looked like scenes from well known movies and T.V. shows.

Mos Eisley Cantina.

With life size replicas of  Han Solo frozen in carbonite and Greedo sitting in a corner ready to kill(shoot him first).   The Mos Eisley Cantina party room has a lot of detail including miniature figures of the band members.

The Black Lodge.

Come join agent Dale Cooper as he investigates the murder of Laura Palmer in this one of a kind show from David Lynch.   The Black Lodge party room is very detailed compare to the original show.  They even have a guy dressed like "The man from another place" and had him speak certain phrases backwards.

   I gotta say it was a pretty good time. I got to meet some nice people(and some good looking ladies)who probably won't know who I am because they were pretty drunk as well as the occasional asshole and bitch. Some of the panels had interesting topics such as one on adult animation and why "Galaxy Quest" is better than "Spaceballs" but they were both very unorganized.  The opening ceremonies and the Steampunk fashion shows were some of the big highlights of the weekend.  Next year I'm going to get a hotel.  Going back and forth from home to the convention was exhausting.  Plus having a costume would have been a great way to break the ice but I didn't have time to put one together.  Oh well maybe next year.

Some other cool costumes & photos at CONvergence 2011.

                      (A weeping angel from "Doctor Who")

                              (Ariel: "The Little Mermaid")

         (Girl stuck in glass case in a zombie themed party room)

               (This freaks me out a little)

     (I think this character is in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but I could be wrong.  Although I do wish there were more blue skinned women around)

                  (There were a couple of bars that were made to look like they came out of the 30's.  I don't know quite why, but I like this picture)

         (Jesus Vs. Jesus.  I wonder if it's old testament vs new testament) 

Thanks for reading I will be back in a few days to post a new weekend watch as well as a review of "Troll Hunter".


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