Tuesday, July 26, 2011

TheVern looks at Shera Bechard while reviewing "Sweet Karma".

Sweet Karma

Cast: Shera Bechard, John Tokatlidis

Writers: James Fler,Andrew Thomas Hunt,Michael Paszt

Director: Andrew Thomas Hunt.

**and 1/2 Stars out of four


The word B-movie has been giving a bad name in recent years. Most people automatically assume that if a movie isn't released theatrically, It's not worth knowing about. Each year there are tons of movies being made, and if you don't have any studio backing,a strong budget or a big named star.  it's going to be hard to get your film to be shown. "Sweet Karma" is one of those late night trashy sexploitation flicks that are not made any more,but damn it they should. Who doesn't love a hot woman who can kick a little ass every know and than.

                  (Photo: Filament Films)

I won't go too deep into the plot of this because it's the kind I'm sure you have seen before. Sister of Karma gets kidnapped by mob bosses and is forced into a prostitution ring. Karma goes after each one with such bloody vengeance.   She would make The Bride in "Kill Bill" proud. How she is able to take on all of these thugs so effortlessly is not really explained. But when you watch these slime balls get it from a woman wearing almost nothing. You learn to forgive it's short comings. If you were to replace Liam Neeson's character in "Taken" with Karma and just add more sex and violence. You would get a very close duplicate with this movie. It's just bloody,sexy,fun.

Shera Bechard potrays Karma and I gotta say for not having any acting experience at all, she's quite good. Her character is a mute so she has to respond and react with just her facial expressions and body movements. Which in my opinion is way more difficult to do than remembering lines.  The only thing I did not like about her character was when she saw another girl being attacked, she just stood by and watched. Maybe, if she did try anything she would be dead before her sister could be found. I don't know,but I did find that scene tough to watch. The rest of the cast including Laura Mclean and John Tokatlidis are good at taking these characters who seemed to be just one note and make them a bit more interesting and believable This is the first film from Director Andrew Thomas Hunt and I hope to view more films from him in the future. I also hope this does well so we can view more titles like this in a theatre instead of just at home.

After watching this flick I discovered that Shera Bechard who plays the tile role in Sweet Karma was Playboy's Playmate of the month Nov 2010. Most girls who pose for the famous men's magazine are usually not cast in gritty action films like this because they are afraid of not looking beautiful.
Although Shera is extremely hot there are moments in this where you seenothing but the rage in her eyes. I hope to see this actress in more films and she can even keep her clothes on if she wants. If ya want to read more about her. Check out her web page by clicking on her name.   

Shera Bechard



  1. No matter what, the Hef is ALWAYS winning! Have you SEEN his new girlfriend?--> Oh, Canada!

  2. shera Bechard is not the hottest woman this year as a playmate.
    Tiffany toth,jaqueline swedberg and upcoming ciara price are better.however she is hot and sexy,more than enough really.

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