Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Videovangaurd reviews "Troll Hunter"

Troll hunter

Cast: Otto Jasperen, Johanna Morck

Writer and Director: Andre Ovredal

* and a 1/2 *'s out of four.

                            (U.S. Theatrical Poster)

A group of college kids are documenting bizarre slayings involving bears. They come across a hunter who they believe are responsible but he turns out to be a famous Troll Hunter and is on a quest to kill them in this action film from Norway. I wanted to catch this first because I heard an English language remake is in the works. After watching this version, I don't have high hopes for either one.

Let me start off by saying that this whole 1st person camera setup is getting pretty fucking old by now. Some films such as "Cloverfield" and "The Blair Witch Project" have used this style much more effectively. But in this movie they don't make the characters or situations believable enough for me. I can tell I'm watching a movie. It would have been much better if the filmmakers would stop bullshitting us and just release a regular version with multiple cameras instead. There is one moment where a single camera is chasing a troll that is pretty sweet and I liked the scene where the characters discuss wither or not a troll would attack one of their crew because she admits to being Muslim and trolls have been known to attack Christians. Other than those two moments the movie plays kind of slow and for an action movie. That's not good.

Another thing I want to comment on are the characters. The three college reporters come off as arrogant assholes right from the start .   They reminded of paparazzi jackals than serious journalists.  I became really annoyed when they began bugging the trollhunter for an interview. If I was that guy I would have knocked their fucking teeth in. After we get to know this man it hits me where I have seen this character before. It's Quint, the character Robert Shaw played in the blockbuster "Jaws". Only this time he's being played by Liam Neeson.  The only good character in this is the Muslim girl and she's not in it til the last thirty minutes. The whole story should have been focused on her instead of those three jackass kids.

"Troll Hunter" had a real fun premise and for the first twenty minutes I was on board for what could have been a nice little B movie monster flick.  But the unappealing characters and the overused found documentary style makes this one I can't recommend.

                                       (Norway Theatrical Poster)


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