Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weekend Watch 07/29/2011

This written post of the weekend watch is going to be different from the other ones. Well not that different. I'm just not going to post trailers for "Cowboys and Aliens", "Smurfs" and "Crazy Stupid Love". Because I'm pretty sure by now you know what these movies are. Instead I am going to focus on the ones that have not been advertised heavily. So let's get to it.

Keep in mind dear readers. These reviews are based solely on the trailers alone.

Attack The Block.

I was really hoping this would get a bigger advertising push because this looks way better than "Cowboys & Aliens". The story of a group of kids taking on a squadron of outer space baddies sounds a hell of a lot better than aliens invading a western town. Plus movies that are rated "R" are just more bad ass because they are the ones you can't watch with your parents

The Guard.

This movie follows alot of those formulatic buddy cop stories that you have seen before. Brendan Gleeson stars as the dim witted sheriff who teams up with a straight lace F.B.I. agent(Don Cheadle) to take on a drug trafficking ring. Although this has a very predictable plot,Gleeson and Cheadle seem to be funny. It doesn't matter how many times I have seen the same story. If the characters are interesting enough I will stick with it.

The Devil's Double.

Dominic Cooper (who you can also see in "Captain America" as Tony Stark's Dad) plays an Iraqi soldier who becomes the double for Saddam Hussien's son(Also played by Cooper). While watching this trailer I wasn't that much interested and was going to complete write this off, until I saw
Ludivine Sagnier. Now I really want to see this because she will most likely have a nude scene.

Good Neighbors.

Three neighbors(Scott Speedman,Emily Hampshire and Jay Brauchel)all live together in a town that has been rocked by a string of murders. As the murders continue and the three get to know each other better. The murder may be closer than they know. I love a good mystery and this looks very good. The casting of Jay Baruchel(How to Train your Dragon) might throw some people off but he is genuinely creepy.

The Future.

Miranda July writes and directs this tale of a couple(Miranda July, Hamish Linklater) who adopt a stray cat who is meant to die in thirty days.  When that happens both of them will be forty and if they don't change their lives for the better they will want to die. I am probably way off on this, but I don't care. I liked July's previous film "Me and You and Everyone We Know", but this just looks pretentious. It's an indie film that just screams at you about being an indie film.