Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Hobo With a Shotgun" film review on The Videovangaurd

Hobo with a Shotgun

Cast: Rutgar Hauer,Molly Dunsworth

Writers: John Davies,Jason Eisener,Rob Cotterill

Director: Jason Eisener

 * and 1/2 *'s out of four

                                            (Theatrical Poster)

"Hobo with a Shotgun" started off as a fake trailer contest for the movie "Grindhouse" from Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. Now that fake trailer has been extended into a feature length movie starring Rutger Hauer as the homeless man who dispenses his own brand of justice. Usually I love these type of over the top action films with their excessive gore and the cheesy one note acting. Unfortunately this movie goes so far over the top it becomes more of a satire of grind house films instead of an homage. It felt like the filmmakers were more interested in gruesome violence than a good story. Which is a shame because this film had potential.

The story is easy enough to follow. A lone bum(Hauer) comes to a small town and finds it being over run by a ruthless crime lord named Drake(Brian Downey) and his two sons Slick(Gregory Smith) and Ivan(Nick Bateman). He tries to get help from the police but of course they turn out to be just as crooked as the crime lord.  Feeling fed up with the rampant crime the bum decides to spend all of his money on a shotgun(He was originally saving up for a lawnmower so he could start his own business) and take out some human garbage. Since this is suppose to be a grind house flick there's a hooker with a heart of gold named Abby(Molly Dunsworth). Both her and the Hobo become the only two characters you root for but that's not really hard to do.  Hell you could replace her with a little kid that the Bum saves from a child molester or Abby could be the name of a dog he found.   I'm not saying the actress did a bad job, she was quite good.  I'm just saying the character could be anyone.

(Original Award Winning Fake Trailer)

Since were on the subject of characters. The actor who played Slick looked very much like a coked out Cory Feldman. I almost wondered why they didn't cast him in that role instead. Was he busy filming another "Lost Boys" sequel.  Oh well our lost I guess. The story tried to make him look menacing by having him torch a bus full of kids, but that whole scene just comes off as being comical. When it could have been a great suspenseful moment. The whole movie did not have any tension or building of suspense. There were some great moments of the Hobo getting back at all the bad people he has seen but those moments run by so fast you hardly notice them. It felt like I was watching one long trailer instead of a movie. That's not to say I found the whole movie to be horrible. There are some good things about it, namely Rutger Hauer. He is the best thing about the movie because he never overacts or goes over the top with his expressions. Even when they have him do some pretty silly things. His character seems pretty damn real.

This ends up being a lesson to filmmakers out there. Sometimes the best trailers don't always make the best movie. Yes I understand that this was suppose to be just a silly bloody violent flick and I shouldn't take it so seriously. But if you watch those early movies from the late 60's or even the ones that Tarantino and Rodriguez made. They made their characters and situations believable. As absurd as a lot of them are. They are still grounded in reality. "Hobo With a Shotgun" has one realistic character and nothing else.

(Official R Rated Trailer)


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