Thursday, August 25, 2011

TheVideovangaurd checks out Rose McGowan.(and likes what he sees)

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                                  (Photo: Curtosey Dimmension Films)

Ever since her debut in Greg Araki's "The Doom Generation" I have been somewhat intrigued by this little hottie, and it has nothing to do with her great body.  Well O.K. it does help a little, but I am impressed that she has was able to be more than just a pretty face and score some very impressive and memorable roles.  The most well known is her character Cherry Darling in the Robert Rodriguez flick "Planet Terror" for the "Grindhouse" double feature movie. 

Note*  I'm sorry for not reviewing every movie she was in, but I  think I covered a good amount.

The Doom Generation. (1995)

Rose plays Amy who looks like a valley girl version of Betty Page. Along with her doofus boyfriend(James Duvall) and an attractive stranger they pick up (Johnathan Schaech)  The three get into some pretty intense adventures where everyone is out to kill Amy because she dumped them.  Even though she knows nothing about this.  Don't take this movie seriously and you'll enjoy it a bit more.  Plus Rose does deliver some nice nude scenes so that might get you to check this out.


Scream. (1996)

This is most likely every one's introduction to this actress.  In this horror classic Rose plays Tatum who is best friends with Sidney Prescott( Neve Campbell).  Someone has been killing off her friends in the style of slasher horror pictures.  Unfortunately Rose doesn't get to come back in the sequels as you can see in this scene.

(Clip curtosey of Dimension Films)

Lewis and Clark and George. (1997)

In this indie road picture two escaped criminals (Dan Gunther, Salvator Xuereb) form a partnership with a mute woman named George(Rose McGowan) who is on the search for buried gold.  The movie is not all that great due to the very predictable plot and the mediocre acting of the two leads.  Even though George is a mute she still has more expressive energy than the two convicts.  Plus she is really cute and sort of seductive as she covers a song from Connie Francis in this scene.

(Clip curtosey of Dark Matter Productions)

Devil in the Flesh.  (1998)

Yes, boys and girls we have another one of these movies that involve a hot but seriously disturbed girl.  In this movie Rose plays a woman who has falling in love with a teacher and will stop at nothing including murder to get him.  Now I am not trying to advocate that cheating on your girlfriend is a good thing, but if it will help save some one from getting killed by this girl.  It might be worth looking into.

(Clip curtosey of Unapix Entertainment)

Jawbreaker.  (1999)

This is the second movie that most people have seen her in, and I'm sad to say it's not all that good.  In it Rose plays Courtney who along with her friends(Rebecca Gayheart, Julie Benz) accidentally kills someone when a prank goes wrong.  The movie tries to combine "Heathers" and "Clueless" and fails.  But the movie does have some nice moments with her that's not a complete waste.

(Rose appears in 20 secs,trust me. Clip Curtosey of Jawbreaker Productions)

Charmed.  (2001 to 2006)

This series really brought Rose into the mainstream and I feel bad for only seeing part of an episode.  I know that I can easily watch them online for free, but I wasn't that much impressed by what I saw.  Now I'm sorry the show did not appeal to me, but I am sure that it will to many other viewers out there.  In the series Ms McGowan plays one of three sisters who are descendants of witches.   I should have stayed with it because I could have found this great moment when Rose sings.

(Clip curtosey of Spellling Television)

Grindhouse.  (2007)

In this double feature Rose gets to play two roles.  In "Planet Terror" she is a go go dancer who looses her legs thanks to some zombies but gets to kick ass when a machine gun gets attached.  Meanwhile in "Death Proof", she gets to play Pam who has the misfortune of getting a ride from Stuntman Mike(Kurt Russell).  "Grindhouse" is the most fun I have had at the movies in a long time.  I just wished the studio didn't release this wide, because this is not for the general audience crowd.  This is meant to wet the appetite of  a few future film geeks out there.   Plus how could you not fall in love with Rose after watching this scene.

(Clip Curtosey of Dimension Films)

Conan The Barbarian (2011)

Rose does the whole makeup route to change her appearance as the villian Marique in this violent update of the orginal 1982 film. I have not seen this but will check this out knowing that she is in this.

                              (Photo: Nu Image Films)

Random pictures and videos of   Rose McGowan.

(Clip Curtosey of                  


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