Friday, August 19, 2011

The Videovangaurd presents: The Weekend Movie Watch, 08/19/2011.

Yes folks it is that time again for me to post the upcoming movies that are out in theaters this weekend. I apologize for missing last week's entry,I was away visiting relatives. Besides there wasn't any movies out at that time that peaked my interest anyways. So let's get cracking at some new flicks you can check out.

Note****   All of these reviews are based solely on the trailer.  I have not seen these movies. 

Conan The Barbarian.

(Theatrical Trailer)

I know a lot of people put the original one with Arnold Schwarzenegger in high regards, but I found that movie to be kind of bland.  This new version with Jason Momoa looks pretty fucking bad ass if you ask me.  Maybe it's the use of music in the action scenes that gets me pumped up.  I don't know, but this does look like something I would check out.  Plus you have uber hottie Rose McGowan in the cast.  True she doesn't look as hot as she normally can, but I'm not picky.

Fright Night(2011)

(Theatrical Trailer)

A vampire moves next door to a high school student, and he does what he can to stop him.  This version based on the 1985 original has more in common with "Disturbia" than what it intended.   I like the casting of Colin Ferrel in the role of the vampire neighbor and the film does seem to have a decent amount of  good scare moments.    If you have not seen the original, it's worth checking out.   Even though it was made in the 80's.  It never feels dated.

The Last Circus.

(Theatrical Trailer)

I'm not sure what it is I just saw but this looks pretty sweet.  I love weird looking films and this one seems to have a lot of odd characters and awesome amounts of sex and violence.  I'm not quite sure what the story is but that will most likely play second fiddle to this type of movie.

Five Days of War.

(Theatrical Trailer)

From Director Renny Harlin(The Long Kiss Goodnight,Die Hard 2), "Five Days of War" encounters the lives of three Journalists stuck in the middle of  a war between Russia and the Georgian Republic.   This looks alright, and it does appear to have a good amount of action and good characters.  I'm just  thrown off by the casting of Richard Coyle in this because he will always be the nervous, wisecracking Jeff in the British comedy series "Coupling".

Spy Kids: All the Time in the World.

(Theatrical Trailer)

I love it that Robert Rodriguez directs movies for both kids and adults.  Unfortunately the movies he makes for kids are usually really bad.  The first and second "Spy Kids" movies are fun to watch even if you are an adult because you get to see cameos from actors in his "R" rated flicks in a children's story.  This whole series should have stopped after part 3 and I don't feel the use of having new kids is necessary. Plus Jessica Alba is wearing far to much clothing for this to be truely enjoyable.

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