Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Videovangaurd presents: The Weekend Watch 08/05/2011

Hello everybody. I hope you are all doing well,and enjoying the last day of your weekend.  Again I apologize about the lateness in this post. Usually I like to put this list up on Friday so you can plan your movie viewings accordingly but I got tied up with doctor visits and job interviews. This week's post is not going to cover every movie that came out, but it will include some that are not being advertised heavily.

 Note*** These are not reviews. I am simply expressing my opinion based solely on the trailer.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

After the terrible remake of "Planet of the Apes" directed by Tim Burton. I found the idea of doing another Ape picture kind of moot and pointless. But once I saw this trailer I completely changed my mind. There are moments of real character driving drama that is not normally seen in a summer blockbuster("The Dark Knight" is the only recent summer movie I can think of). Plus I like movies where there is a conflict between two sides and I can't decide on who's  right.

The Whistleblower

I saw this had Rachel Weisz in it and before even viewing the trailer. I just had this image of her mouth on a whistle immediately in my head. It didn't matter to me if the movie was bad or good as long as it included her doing some blowing of whistles or anything phallic shaped. Instead I got something even better, because this film is about a young journalist(Weisz) who uncovers a sex trafficking ring that organized by sections of the UN. This looks like a really good political thriller. I just wish they would have chosen a different name because my mind goes in to quite different perspectives with a title like that. 

The Change -Up

What the fuck? No I'm serious how do films like this keep getting made. And who are the assholes paying to see this. The premise of a single guy switching places with a married guy looks dumb. The characters are all one note archetypes and the mere fact that this is rated R is insulting. This is a movie for little kids who have just learned their first curse word.


This looks really cool,but I'm not sure quite why yet. The story I get from the trailer is one of a boy meets girl in a post apocalypitc world. It features some nice gritty cinematography and has been getting some very good critical praises from a lot of well respected critics besides me.

Cold Fish

Japan makes the best horror films in my opinion because they are not inhibited, and their stories are not afraid to be as wild and absurd. The story of cold fish involves a fish market who unknowingly hires a serial killer. But if they help him with his tasks, he may just help them with the competition.

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