Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Videovangaurd 's review of Point Blank (2011).

Point Blank.

 Cast:  Gilles Lellouche, Roschdy Zem

Writers:  Guillame Lemans, Fred Cavaye

Director: Fred Cavaye

**'s out of four.

                                         (U.S. Theatrical Poster)

Samuel Pierret(Gilles Lellouche) has a good life.  He is about to be promoted to head nurse and his wife Nadia(Elena Anaya) is about to give birth to their first child at any moment.  Yes sir it looks like everything is going good for our French hero, but we all know when things are going good they are about to get really bad.   One night our nurse unknowingly saves a criminal Hugo Sartet(Roschdy Zem)  from being killed.   His henchmen know that their boss is not safe so they take the iniative and kidnapp Samuel's wife as trade to get him out of the hospital.     What follows is a fun action movie with some cool twists in the plot and some great characters but non of it was really memorable.

For starters "Point Blank" follows the tradtion of the "Wrong Man" syndrome that have appeared in countless other movies from "North by Northwest" and "The Fugitive".  A man is accused of a crime he did not commit and while being chased he has to find the true culprit.  Most of the times these stories can be interesting  but for this movie they give away who the real villian is too soon in my opinion.

While the movie had some pretty intense scenes with Nadia being chased by the bad people.  I thought the whole pregnancy angle was too much of a gimmick for this type of movie.   Yes I realize that it was an important element of the story to get audiences invested in these characters.  I just was never confident that Nadia could do all this running and fighting without some serious problems to her health.  It almost felt like she was going to give birth as she ran and then use the cord to strangle some bad guys.

(French trailer with english subtitles)

The actors are all fine in thier performances  and there is good chemistry between the main leads.  I just never felt any real sense of danger for the main characters while the story progressed.  The whole movie was very enjoyable but it is very predictable.   

I wouldn't be surprised if this got remade in English. It has a great premise and could easily be adapted.   After all Director Fred Cavaye's film "Anything for her"  was remade as "The Next Three Days" starring Russel Crowe so it's not impossible. But why wait when you can see the orignal now.  I just hope in the remake they cast someone who is not known to be an action hero. 

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