Friday, September 2, 2011

New movie trailers on "The Weekend Watch". 09/02/2011.

Well gang it's Friday and that means it's time to post some upcoming trailers for movies being released in your area.  Well only a few of these movies will make it to your movie house so make sure you check your local listings before heading out.  I hate it that I live in the Midwest because a lot of movies I want to see don't come to theaters.   I have to wait til it's on DVD or Netflix before I get a chance to watch it.  But enough with the bitching.    Here  are some good ones that I think you should watch and there are ones that I think you should avoid.

** Note *** Don't forget I am basing these little comments on what I have seen from these trailers alone.

Apollo 18.

In space no one can hear you scream at this lame attempt to recapture the thrills and suspense of "Alien".  "Apollo 18" wants you to believe that this is based on true material by giving it a single camera docus-style look but it comes off looking pretty professional if you ask me.   The two astronauts look like they are just acting and the makeup effects look like ones that could be done in your own house.   If you want a good movie about being stuck on the moon.  I would highly recommend watching "Moon" starring Sam Rockwell.

Shark Night 3D.

Let's put a bunch of good looking people out in the water and have a shark come eat them one by one.  Throw in some gimmicky 3D effects and you have yourself a movie that once to capitalize more on this dying trend.  Seriously.  I think we have all had enough with the 3D movies now.  It was cool when it first started, but now it's become a fucking overkill.  Save your money and watch "Jaws" or better yet check out "The Reef" on Netflix.  I hear that it's really good  and it has way better shark effects too.

Love Exposure.

A young man starts to commit a sin everyday so he can confess them and please his father who is a catholic priest.  His sins involve taking pictures of girl's panties which results in him meeting a girl he likes.  This looks like  a very weird , yet highly enjoyable movie.  Filled with great visuals and interesting characters

A Good Old Fashion Orgy.

A group of friends in their late 30's are about to loose the home they have been partying at every weekend.  Instead of doing the smart thing and buy another house.  They decide to have one last big bash, and to make matters worse.  They decide to bare all and have an orgy.  Now this looks to me like a bad carbon copy of .  "Zach and Miri make a Porno" , but minus the laughs.   Plus all of these characters look like they have been recycled from countless teen comedies throughout the years.

Love Crime.

French hottie( and my future girlfriend) Ludivine Sagnier stars along side Kirsten Scott Thomas in this ruthless corporate thriller. If you love the show "Damages"(Which gets quoted in this trailer) than this is the movie for you.  If you love watching Ludivine Sagnier in everything she is in.  I would also recommend it.

Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame.

Martial Arts director Tsui Hark spins this mystery about an Empress whose men have begun dying without any warning.  She call upon Detective Dee to help solve the case so her throne will not be in danger.  When watching this trailer I have the assumption that Dee was a girl, becaused when they mentioned the name they showed one.   I was  mistaking when I checked the 'Rotten Tomatoes' page and see that role belongs to Andy Lau.   Regardless of wither Dee is a boy or a girl.  This looks like a really fun martial arts flick. It has some great fight cinematography, and I do love a good mystery.   It's worth a look.

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