Friday, September 30, 2011

New movie trailers. The Weekend Watch.09/31/2011.

Fall is known by many to be Oscar bait season.  These are the months where a lot of studios put out their prestige pictures to try and grab that little golden statue.    I'm not saying that the movies featured in this week's column will achieve that, but A few might peak some critics interest.


These are not reviews.  These are just my opinons based soley on the trailers themselves.


First we watch Adam Sandler go through a life threatening illness while he befriends Seth Rogen in "Funny People".  Now Joseph Gordon-Levitt gets cancer in this film and whose right there by his side?  Now I'm not saying that Mr. Rogen is the cause of all this, but it's at least worth looking into.    The movie I'm sure will have great performances from it's actors but the story itself doesn't look like the type that would interest me.    The movie will be light hearted, than serious, then funny, really funny, gut busting funny, a little somber, sad, really sad, bawling my eyes out, smile, little laugh, big laugh,reflect on characters then shed tear,end.

Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil.

Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk are two rednecks on their way to a cabin to relax for the weekend when they come across a group of preppy college kids who think they are violent serial killers.  This looks to be a very clever horror comedy and is one that would be perfect to watch after "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre". 

Take Shelter.

Curtis(Michael Shannon) begins having dreams that a violent storm is going to come and attack his home, but is he actually seeing this or is it all in his head.  I will admit the trailer does have me interested because it is an interesting premise.  However it is one that has been told before.  Although I can't think of any right now, so yeah I'll check this out.

American Teacher.

My mother has been a teacher at a middle school for over twenty years so this is something I would want to watch with her.  I do believe that we don't pay our educators as much money as they should be making.   It's sort of scary to think what will happen when there is no one left to teach.  

Dream House.

Will (Daniel Craig) finds out suddenly that his life with his wife(Rachel Weisz) and kids were all false and that he has been in a Mental Hospital after killing them. But no that couldn't be right could it?   Despite the bad ratings I am curious to check this out.  I would be even more curious if this was a Japanese movie, because they seem to do these types of ghost stories way better than America. Naomi Watts Co Stars.

What's your number?

Anna Farris is so hot, so deliciously sexy and a little dorky at times which makes her that more appealing.   Ummm, She's in a new movie this weekend.  I hope she continues to get roles because I'm not seeing this peice of shit .

Next weekend will be a fall preview where I will show you some of the most anticipated moves to premiere these next few months.

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