Sunday, September 25, 2011

New trailers on The Weekend Watch 09/23/2011

I should change the name of this post to the weekend review, rather than the weekend watch, because it has already passed us.  But damn it, I work late and since it's only me working on this. Some articles are going to take longer to put up. I know every one's focus is going to be on Fantastic Fest this weekend, so I will keep this kind of short.


Brad Pitt stars as the owner of a baseball team who goes against tradition to build a perfect team. With the combined talents of writers Steven Zallian and Aaron Sorkin and Director Bennet Miller. This looks like it could be a very well done sports drama with a good performance from Pitt. The story itself just does not peak my interest, but I'm sure it will for many of you.


Holy bad reviews 60's television reference. This movie is currently sitting at 3% on rotten Abduction has a somewhat interesting premise if this were a show on the Disney Channel. Taylor Lautner plays a guy who finds out that his real parents are spies and the Government is now after him. It has a good supporting cast including Sigorney Weaver and Michael Nyqvist(The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo).  The song in the trailer makes me want to check this out.  I hope the whole movie uses music like this, but it won't.


It's not that these two characters are gay men that stops me from wanting to see this. I just feel like this kind of story has been told before and looks boring regardless of sexual orientation.

Dolphin Tale.

Elijah Wood and Paul Hogan team up in the big screen adaptation of the 60's TV.... Oh Wait that's the movie "Flipper" and this is "Dolphin Tale". One of those family movies that is just a little bit too wholesome for my tastes, but you may like it.

Killer Elite.

From what I gathered about this trailer.  Jason Statham and Clive Owen are renegade assassins for the government who are hunting each other for some reason.  I don't know who I should be cheering for, but maybe that's the point.  It looks like a cool action flick that I will forget about in a day or two. 

Machine Gun Preacher.

Gerald Butler plays a former gang member who wants to turn his life around and help an African village.  Of course some drug lords have a problem and he has to help protect the citizens.  I already know how this movie is going to end just by watching the trailer.  Plus I find the idea of Rambo protecting a village for more conceivable than Gerald Butler


  1. I am looking forward to Tucker & Dale VS Evil. Re: Dream House, if it were a Japanese horror. There is a chinese horror film called Dream Home (2010). It was really gory, with a message. It was a social commentary about the housing market, framed as a slasher movie.

  2. It's funny you mentioned "Dream Home" because I just recently watched that one. It was good, but I didn't love it.