Monday, September 12, 2011

Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter. The Retro Review

Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter (1970)

Cast: Meiko Kaji, Rikiya Yasuoka

Writers: Yasuharu Hasbe, Atsushi Yamatoya, Ali Kennedy(Translator)

Director: Yasuharu Hasbe

* and 1/2 *'s out of four.

                                      (U.S. Poster)

I like to post these retro reviews on Sunday so I apologize for my lateness.  There was going to be a different movie in this slot, but last night I checked out Netflix and discovered this as one of my recommended features.   The title alone got me interested in checking this out, and the description of the plot made me stop any plans I had of sleeping to see this.   It's too bad  I left this movie feeling disappointed because it had good potential to be a really fun campy flick.

The plot involves a gang of Japanese girls who make a living seducing older men and than robing them.   When one of their members begins dating someone who is of  mixed race.  It causes the leader of a rival gang so much anger and jealousy he orders his cohorts to attack anyone who is not of pure Asian descent.   Meanwhile a man comes in search of his sister and finds her as one of the girl gang members.

(Trailer. Thanks to for the embed code)

The movie had a very strong opening and right when the credits kicked it was cinematic gold.  I was in for a night where girls were being seductive and hot , but yet could kick some major ass if they wanted to .  When the rival gang was introduced as the racist, doucebags , I was in full support to see some serious beat downs.    The songs from the all girl group 'The Golden Half'  were pretty catchy and I liked the whole late sixties vibe of it.   The biggest problem of this flick is the ending and that's why it gets the low rating.  There was a really cool chance near the end  to do a big showdown between both gangs and it never happens.   Also I found myself asking "What the Fuck?" to one of the character's actions at the end, because it made no sense to his previous ones.  There are also moments when they take drugs that just drags the movie to a near stopping point when it needed to keep going.

Sex Hunter is the third entry in the "Stray Cat" series.  Following 'Delinquent Girl Boss', 'Wild Jumbo' and proceeding 'Machine Animal' and 'Beat 71'.   I am curious at checking out other movies in this series despite the problems I had with this one.     To many of you; this will be written off as just another one of those movies you would see on MST3K( which would make a really fun episode if you ask me).  For those of you who enjoy seeking out these sort of films.  It's not a complete waste of time, just enough to not give it a full recommendation.

( A live performance from "The Golden Half" This song does not appear in the movie. Thanks to nagaitsukiai from youtube for uploading this)


  1. I made a mistake posting this as a two star movie. My mistake

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