Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Vern looks at Marion Cotillard and is seduced by her looks.

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Ah yes my friends it's time we take a look at yet another french actress who has been doing very well over in these states for her work in "Inception" and "Midnight in Paris".  But she really captured my eye when she portrayed Edith Piaf in "La Vie En Rose".  Well when she accepted the award for best actress at the 2008 Oscar ceremonies she did because she looked absolutely beautiful.   I feel bad that I have not had a chance to see most of her work in France before she made it big in this country.  So I want to pay just a small tribute to a true talent and a great beauty, Marion Cotillard


Note**  Not very movie she appears in will be on here.  Sorry

Love me if you dare.

This looks damn adorable with Cotillard as one of the two children who played games where they dare each other.  As they grow up the games become more dangerous as both of them start to fall in love.  I'm a bit sad that I have never heard of this or will get a chance to see it soon because it's not on streaming yet, but I will.

Big Fish.

The most underrated gem of Tim Burton's career if you ask me.  Marion Cotillard has the daunting task portraying the wife of Will Bloom(Billy Crudup) who doesn't believe in his father's tall tales.  Even though she loves her husband dearly she still finds the stories romantic.

A Very Long Engagement.

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Damn it.  My man card should be taking away from me because I forgot about her being in this movie.  Although to my credit without her the movie itself is not all that great.  I'm not saying it's bad, it's just not that memorable.  Cotillard  looks damn good in this scene as she seduces someone in bed. ( I'm sorry I could not embed the video so please click on the title to watch this on youtube)

La Vie En Rose.

One of the best performances of 2007 that most people missed out on because of it being in a foreign language.  Cotillard immerses herself in the role of the famed french singer Edith Piaf  so well  I almost felt like I was watching the real thing.  I found myself not liking this person at certain times but yet found it impossible to stop watching.


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The most shocking moment of this intelligent blockbuster wasn't the ending.  It was the moment we witness Mal(Cotillard) on top of a building contemplating suicide because she believes her world isn't real.  If you did not tear up just a bit during that moment.  You are a fucking Dalek

Midnight in Paris.

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In one of the best movies of the summer.  Cotillard plays Adriana a woman who is dating Picasso and Hemingway but falls in love with a writer from the future in this quirky fun filled fantasy from Woody Allen.


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I don't why I'm even posting this title here because she is barely in this.   I know a lot of people went to see this but it looks too much like Outbreak 2:The Infection for me to care. 


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