Monday, October 3, 2011

Horror movie picks "The Woman" & "We need to talk about Kevin".

Hello horror fans. Since it's October and we are just a few weeks away from one of my favorite holidays of all time. I'm going to post some trailers of some upcoming horror films that I think are worth a look at. Now these are not going to be movies that are heavily advertised/  Sorry no trailers for "Paranormal Activity 3" or "The Thing" 2011. Instead I'm going to focus on titles that aren't widely recognized yet.

The Woman

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 From Lucky McKee, the director of the serious underrated "May" comes another tale where the so called monster may not be the only thing that's evil. The story centers around a father who captures this woman and keeps her chained in the basement of his house.

The woman has lived in the wild her whole life, and is now forced to live like a pet for this man and his family. This almost looks like "Hanna" if she was captured by a religious family and forced into their belief systems. Plus I like horror movies where the villain could easily be from any side

We Need To Talk About Kevin.

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 Tilda Swinton stars as Eva a woman whose own son was the cause of a horrendous school shooting. She continually gets harassed by the victims' families and also can't seem to get in touch with her estranged husband (John C. Riley) to help explain what happened to their son.

I am always impressed at every time I see this actress on screen. She sort of becomes the main focus of every movie she is in. Even if it is only a small part. The horror of this movie is how would you react if your own child was the cause of something tragic. We would like to blame the parents because it is so easy to do. But I feel that no matter how good you are to children some of them are just born evil.

I'll be back next week with a look at "Juan of the Dead", and "You're Next"

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