Friday, October 7, 2011

The Weekend Watch 10/7/2011

It's going to be an exciting weekend my friends because this Saturday is the return of the ZombiePubCrawl here in Minneapolis.  This is a really cool event where you dress up as a zombie  and go from bar to bar and drink like crazy.  I won't be able to get dressed up in zombie gear, but I still plan on having fun.  There also looks to be some new movies that I should show you as well.  Let's check em out now while we can.

***As mentioned before.  I am commenting on just the trailers.  I have not seen these movies, so don't get all angry with the comments, but please say something because I love hearing from you******

The Ides of March.

Ryan Gosling stars in this political thriller from director George Clooney,  In it Ryan plays a hotshot  press secretary who gets in the middle of a scandal during the presidential primary.  Clooney has proving himself to be an impressive filmmaker with titles such as "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" and "Good Night & Good Luck".  I'm intrigued to see what he does here.

Real Steel.

Also known as the "Rock em Sock em" movie by many other reviewers.   This story takes place in a world where eight foot tall robots have replaced human fighters.  Charlie(Hugh Jackman) was once a famous fighter who got tossed aside by his iron combatants.  Now he has a chance to win the respect of his son by turning a simple sparring  robot into a champion.  If this had been an animated film, I would be interested to see this.  Since it's live action, I just don't care  The whole premise is cartoony enough and having real human act like cartoons who are than trying to act human; just doesn't work for me.

The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence.

I am one of the few who liked the first movie.  All of that film's gross out moments occurred in one's mind because it never actually shows you any disgusting parts.  The victims in that movie all had bandages covering up their mouths and ass, so you never actually saw anything.  Your mind filled in those gaps and it was quite brilliant.  Now director Tom Six wants to actually show you all the gory detail that was not in the first one.  Although the new villain looks very scary and it's being filmed in black and white.  I do not want to see this by myself.  This is something I would see with friends, but problem is I don't think any of my friends will want to watch this with me.


Jackie Chan stars in a war picture that takes place in 1911.  The trailer didn't really tell me much about the plot.  It looks pretty I guess.  The filmmakers obviously know how to film a movie, but I'm not quite sure of how exciting this will be .

The Way.

Martin Sheen plays a father who is transporting his son's ashes( Emilo Esteves who is in the beginning, alive) on a pilgrimage by foot  across the desert.  That's it.  Enjoy.

Dirty Girl

Yes I'm going to preview my first adult movie on this site, and.... wait wait .  Hold on a sec.  What the hell is this?  Another movie where a girl(Juno Temple) who likes sex is shown as being the bad girl.  She goes on a journey to find her real dad so that the audience can see that she isn't all that bad.  All she needs is a good home life and two parents to become happy.  Fuck this.


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